Monday, November 7, 2011

Today I'm thankful for honesty in difficult places.

Can I be real today?
I'm not doing well. Various circumstances in my life have just compounded on me today and I feel bad. I've cried and prayed and hurt...still am.

I know that's not really worth writing about. I debated whether or not to post anything today. But this is honest. This is real. Maybe you're hurting today too - isn't it hard to be honest with ourselves when life hurts? We want to be ok. We want to be good and have it all together like everyone else seems too. But I want to be transparent here. Sometimes life hurts. Sometimes it is difficult and confusing. And that's alright.
I used to pretend things were are ok when they weren't but it never really help.

So today I'm not ok...and that's ok.

One good thing though - I bought a shuffle from a friend to use when I get bored on the treadmill. {I may save my workout habits for another post}. Anyway, I am so ridiculously behind the times when it comes to technology, music, etc.  Basically anything that's cool I won't know about for years.
For example, I just recently found The Civil Wars. They are amazingly good. Amazing.
It's all I've got on my running playlist right now...haha. I need help.
Any good music suggestions?

If you are in the dark like me, here's a little sample of this incredible duo to pique your interest. {It was so hard to pick a song...I ended up going w/ one a little more upbeat...just my mood - please listen to more.}

No, they don't even know I exist.
Also, I love how she dances - I do that all the time too. Makes me smile.


  1. Faith! We're so sorry you're having a rough day. :( We are memorizing Psalm 143:8 right now and we thought it might be encouraging to you:
    "Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you."
    Praying for you!
    Jen & Katie

  2. Sorry to hear you've hit a rough patch. Something I think when I'm having a bad day is that tomorrow WILL be better. Even if I don't know that it will - that thought just gives me the right to duke it out with myself for the day and look forward to waking up the next morning and starting over.

    I really like that band! I'll have to look more into them. I've been listening to NeedToBreathe a lot lately - I just discovered them but I think I'm a bit behind the times :)

  3. I totally know where you are coming from. I actually posted something similar a couple weeks ago, and just want you to know that what you are feeling is totally normal and okay. Hang in there and chin up.

  4. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time my friend. Better to hit it head on than avoid it.
    I have never heard of this band but will definitely be downloading some their stuff, it's great. If you like this, check out Neko Case. She has a very similar sound and is one of my favs.

  5. Hope things are looking up your way!

    My job is sucking my will to live and this time change is kicking my butt.

    We need some sunshine!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear things aren't going so well right now. I'm saying a special prayer for you today! Isn't it great to know that God is in control though?

  7. I hope things are better, friend.
    I just discovered The Civil Wars about a month ago and I'm all about them. One of my good friends made me a CD when my grandpa passed away and it had the band The Head and the Heart. They are great. I also like Neko Case, Patty Griffin, Regina Spektor, The Decemberists, Brandi Carlile, Bon Iver, Amos Lee, and my favorite band--The Avett Brothers. Long list, but I was just looking at my current iPod playlist.


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