Breakfast Tacos

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I woke up at 5:30am this morning to make breakfast tacos for David and his 4 co-workers.
No, I'm not normally that is D's 29th birthday.

Apparently breakfast tacos are a Texas thing {most awesomeness is...I jest, I jest} but this should not be so.

Watch out. I'm about to change your life.

Eating breakfast for me is always a struggle, but wrap something in a tortilla and I'm golden.

There are a ton of great recipes out there (just take a look at the picture links for more on that) but my favorite breakfast burritos are either: 1) potato, egg, and cheese (w/ salsa on the side of course) OR 2) refried beans, egg, and cheese (maybe w some potatoes).

It may sound gross or weird but try it. Please oh please, just give it a shot.
It will open up a whole new and beautiful breakfast world to you.

This morning I made my simple bacon, egg, and cheese tacos {David's request} but the possibilities are endless.
Flour tortillas and eggs are always the base. Here are just a few options for the insides:
  • diced potatoes, browned (my fav)
  • hashbrowns
  • vegetables, fresh or sauteed
  • bacon
  • chorizo (Mexican sausage)
  • ground sausage of any kind
  • beans, refried or black (both are awesome)
  • spinach
  • corn tortillas instead of flour
  • cheese of any kind
To healthify it up some you can also use:
  • Whole-wheat tortillas instead of regular flour ones.
  • Egg whites instead of whole eggs
  • No cheese, etc.
David didn't want to health-ify his birthday breakfast though, so I made the tacos this morning as follows:

  • Taco-size (small) flour tortillas (I bought mine from the farmer's market where they're homemade locally)
  • Farm-fresh eggs (again purchased at the farmer's market...they were beautiful. Is that weird to say?)
  • Milk (optional - I use it in my eggs)
  • Fischer's bacon (FM yet again. This bacon is from a small shop near my hometown. All of Fischer's products are amazing.)
  • Reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese
  • Amy's Organic Salsa (Salsa is KEY. I like a nice smooth salsa w/out big gross chunks or overwhelming cilantro flavor. But that's just my preference. I bought this salsa b/c we'd never tried it. {He said it was good}. You can also make your own OR use your favorite brand)
  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 {Yes, I make bacon in the works and NO splatter}. Line bacon strips on foil-lined cookie sheet and place in oven to bake. Keep an eye on it. Mine usually takes about 20-30 min for a whole package (yes, at once). Yours may vary depending on oven temps and how you prefer your bacon.
  2. Meanwhile, break eggs into a large bowl and discard shells. Whisk in milk, salt, and pepper until thoroughly incorporated.
  3. In large skillet on medium heat, pour egg mixture and cook until fluffy and no longer runny.
  4. When bacon is to desired crispness, removed from oven and set on paper towels to drain.
  5. Lightly heat or toast tortillas using either microwave or skillet (depending on preference).
  6. When eggs are done, spoon desired amount of egg into tortilla, add a strip of bacon (no need to crumble unless you desire), a sprinkle of cheese, and top with salsa.
  7. Eat immediately.

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I adapted this a little for today since D was transporting these to the office.
In step 6, I omitted adding the salsa and immediately wrapped each taco tightly in pre-cut foil squares (some may not want salsa and it can make the taco soggy). Then I placed them in a large tupperware container with lid, with the salsa and a plastic spoon included.
David said they kept warm and were perfect for easily serving when he got to work.

*     *    *    *    *

OH! I almost I'm grateful for birthdays. They've always been important to me {a fact made slightly humorous by the fact that my bdays typically resemble pond sludge...dramatic?} but I love celebrating other people's days. They're always a time to reflect, rejoice, and dream. I'm also very aware that birthdays are blessings. Not everyone gets to enjoy or see their next one. I want to savor every moment w/ the people I love and care for, never taking a moment for granted.

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  1. mmmmm. these look delicious. there is nothing better than a good taco... especially of the breakfast variety!

  2. Yummmm! Breakfast tacos are one of the worst things about moving away from Texas :( I used to tear up some very-simple-possibly-lame-but-still-delicious bean and cheese breakfast tacos from this tiny place on the corner. Sighhhh

  3. Faith!! I hear you on birthdays. In our family we celebrate BIRTHDAY MONTH because sometimes your actual birthday is not a good day. And that is just sad. So if it IS a bad day, its ok, because you get to celebrate for the entire MONTH!! It has totally changed my perspective on birthdays. Serious. PS - when is yours?


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