Weekend Getaway Packing Tips & Tricks: Toiletries

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am a type "A" kinda gal.

I like lists and organization.
I function well in the land of well-made plans.
I don't like spontaneity or hastiness.
I'm kind of a grandma.
You wanna be my bff right now...I can feel it.

Sure we stick-in-the-mud's aren't fun, but we certainly do come in handy for practical things - like, oh, let's say - planning for a trip

The #1 packing rule for this NYC getaway was to avoid paying baggage fees.
So...I'm packing everything for 3 days into :
1 roly carry-on suitcase 
1 tote.

Not. a. problem.

Here's how I tackle TOILETRIES:

Instead of having one huge bag with everything in it, I break my toiletries down into sections:

  • Make-Up - This little bag is contains 99% of all the cosmetics I own. {Remember my daily routine}. I'm a low-maintenance girl and only use 4-5 products daily: powder, blush, mascara, chapstick, and (maybe) a tiny bit of eyeliner. It's not because I'm a natural beauty - I'm just lazy. Actually, this bag contains more than just what I wear every day. It also has some old mascara, mints, bobby pins, a spare deodorant, hair ties, and 3 burts bees chapsticks. Man, I should really clean that bad boy out...
  • Feminine Products  - Not always necessary but it seems I can't go on a vacation without this friendly visitor. {And yes, even on my honeymoon...whyyyyyyy!!}
  • Liquids - On top of a full-body scan and {if I'm lucky} an all too personal pat-down, this is another TSA gift  reality of life in 2011. I shop the travel-size aisle at Target and bring only what's necessary: toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and moisturizer. I don't NEED anything else {and if I do I can either snag it at the hotel OR buy it once I'm there}. I also keep this in the front pocket of my rolly carry-on so that I can easily access it for the security check-point. {There's nothing worse than frantically digging for all the stuff you need to get out for security, all-the-while feeling the sweat  patience quickly evaporating from the huffy gent behind you.}
  • Misc. - This little bag {a bridesmaid gift that I LOVE...hark, so is the amazing monogrammed baggie housing my feminine-essence keepers} holds everything else: pocket tissues, travel q-tips, Aleeve, floss, travel toothbrush, another Burts Bees {I have a problem}, and travel-size face cleaning pads {love these for traveling!}.
Because I won't be checking my bags, these things are always within close reach so I don't fret too much about WHERE I place them in my bags. I do tend to load the Misc., Feminine, and Liquids in the roly carry-on and keep the Make-up in my tote. But again, it's all easy-access so I don't worry too much about it {if I checked my bag this would be a whole other discussion though}.

Back tomorrow with the outfits and how I pack my suitcase.

How do you pack your toiletries for short trips?


  1. Girl, I think we must be sisters. I'm a granny, too. :)

    I always try to take just a rolly carry-on. When we went to Vegas last weekend, though, we flew on Spirit Airlines. They charge $25 for roller carry-ons, so somehow I managed to pack for the weekend in a backpack that fit under the seat. I still don't know how I managed.

  2. I'm such a worrier about packing. I tend to bring everything I can possibly fit in my suitcase - you just never know what you might need!


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