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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I decided to try something new today.
I make no all know how often I tend to fail at blog challenges.
Nevertheless, onward we march...

Here's the news - I'm going to give you a snapshot, a little peek into the stuff I have planned for this week.  I hope 1) that it will help me stay focused/on-task/organized and 2) give you something fun to look forward too.

(Tentative Plans)
This Week at The Stirring Place...
  • some kind of hair-related post (products, how-to, my hair through the years...etc.)
  • new recipe (strawberry cream muffins)
  • workouts
  • travel tips (some of my favs)
  • Friday Fashion (ohhhh, I'm getting lofty here...might start a new fashion series)
  • What I'm Reading

Also, I always LOVE hearing from you so if you have an idea or really like/dislike certain kinds of posts...let me know. I may (or may not...just being honest) adjust things but it's always great to hear what kinds of posts helped, encouraged, or motivated you.

Happy Sunday!  See you all back here tomorrow.

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