NYC - Day 3

Friday, October 28, 2011

Read about Day 2 here...

Day 3 started bright and early.
We were all feeling the fatigue of full, long days...but it's so hard to let exhaustion beat you on vacation.

We left our hotel and walked a few short minutes to the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea
(they also have a location on the Lower East Side).

Breakfast was a perfect collection of fat, sugar, and carbohydrates.
I ordered the coconut cream yeast doughnut (and a blackout cake donut [chocolate cake with ribbon of chocolate pudding and crusted with chocolate crumbs for later]).
Ania and Megan each tried a few too.
We were not disappointed.

I have to pause to tell you about this sinful indulgence.
This coconut cream yeast doughnut was...well...
the BEST doughnut of my life.

 Nothing average - It was unlike anything I've ever had.
It's ruined my taste for the ordinary, yucky; heavy doughnut found 'round the corner.
I say, if you're gonna eat the calories, make them worth it.
This square piece of heaven was WORTH it.

The dough - light, fluffy, chewy, and filled with perfect little air pockets.
The filling - creamy, flavorful, and perfectly proportioned.

A dream.
If you ever go to NYC...stop here! 

Me in the heart of Little Italy...making my momma proud.

After checking out of our hotel {but leaving our bags} we set off for more exploring before our evening flight home.

We took the subway down to Canal Street in Chinatown and did some walking around.
It wasn't really our scene though. We were 1) pretty overwhelmed by the mass of people and 2) disappointed as every shop had exactly the same {cheap-touristy} items.
And the Pushy and creepy about sum it up.

Me and Ania at lunch

We turned down Mulberry Street and found ourselves in Little Italy.
Wow, what a difference from Canal Street!
Beautiful shop fronts, restaurants, and small was like a whole other world.

It was already lunchtime and we were starved so we stopped in a charming little Italian restaurant on Mulberry Street (those Italians...they are charmers).

My camera died earlier that morning (why me?!) but Ania and Megan took pics of their prosciutto de parma pizzas.
How delicious does that look?

I got regular pepperoni...but oh, oh, oh...
Simple, fresh; authentic ingredients done well make all the difference.
It was SOOOOO good.
Like I-ate-it-all good.
I didn't have that over-stuffed, gross-out feeling either.

After exploring Little Italy a bit more, we decided we'd seen enough so we hopped on the subway for a short ride downtown.  Our subway stop dropped us off right in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. We knew we didn't have enough time to walk it so we snapped a few pics and bolted down to the financial district to see the 9/11 site. 

Directly across from the 9/11 grounds was a little movement called Occupy Wall Street.
Anyone heard of it?

It was packed with protesters, gawkers, and police alike.
In fact, you weren't allowed to stop moving as you walked by. The police were quick to keep people progressing so it felt a bit hectic and chaotic.

Directly across from the OWS peeps was the 1 World Trade Center building
(formerly known as Freedom Tower).
It's still under construction but was so moving to see.
We wanted to go in to see the 9/11 memorial but the line was ridiculous and time would not allow.

Even though we didn't go in, there was something so special and almost hallowed about that place.
My mind kept replaying what happened that day and the days after.
It was all I could do to hold back tears.
I was moved. Still am.
 One day I want to come back and go through the memorial - something I know that will be both painful and beautiful.

We made it back to our hotel and had about 30 minutes to sit and relax before our shuttle came to pick us up.

While waiting we noticed this sweet guy outside the window.
Ania (a MAJOR animal lover) went out and snapped his pic.
I kinda felt bad for him though.
He looked like he wanted to get out of that van and play, but he was chained in. :(

Another interesting ride to the airport left me feeling tired (and ready for some veggies & a sweaty workout) but so happy.

I had an amazing weekend in New York but couldn't help but get excited about heading home to the land of large cups, open spaces, and friendly faces.

Thanks New York {and my sweet friends} for an incredible trip!

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. Your trip looks like it was so much fun! Glad y'all had a great time :)
    Makes me want to go back to NYC so bad!


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