NYC Day 2

Thursday, October 27, 2011

If you missed Day 1 read it HERE.
Megan, Me, Ania
Saturday morning came too soon but we were excited to get out of bed and cross some more to-do's off our list.

After a stop at City Bakery for some muffins and a hot beverage of our choosing,
(I ordered green peppermint. Boo)
we began our LONG walk down 5th Avenue toward Central Park and The Met.

It is at this point that I might pause to discuss my disposition.
I was grumpy.
My feet were hurting pretty badly from the previous night.  The walk was long and each step was brutal.
I was hormonal (stupid Flo).
I was tired
(2 nights before trip of next to no sleep finally caught up with me).
I didn't get my green tea.

We had originally decided we were going to walk everywhere.
None of us wanted to pay for a cab (pricey!) or deal with road traffic.
And we were all a little intimidated by the subway system.
Walking seemed like the best option.
At least at this point...

Ania took my pic in front of the New York Public's her camera/editing

Here's mine...haha.
You can tell who the artist is.

Next we hit Rockefeller Center.
The ice rink was smaller than we expected but the cops were nice and even took our picture.

We also walked by the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Once we finally made it to the edge of Central Park by The Plaza, it was time to stop into FAO Schwartz for some refreshments and this sweet thing.

Have you heard about Sophie?
She's supposed to be the best for teething babies...and adorable to boot.

Megan picked Sophie up for her 4 month old baby boy, Fisher. 

{Can you believe Megan is the momma of two precious boys?
She makes motherhood look easy and good.}



So cute.  
I digress...

After {what's that?} mooooore walking (and more grumpy Faith) we finally arrived at The Met.

It's impossible to describe The Met.
I couldn't show even a hint of the treasures we saw.
Suffice it to say, if you love museums, you'll love The plan on spending a whole day (or 2) there.
It's impossible to see it all in a short time.
And overwhelming.

Tip: Take the elevator up to the rooftop deck. There is a bar where you can purchase expensive drinks (we didn't) but the views of Central Park and the city are incredible.
There weren't many people up there which made me wonder if many people know this exists.
It's a must-see.

After we left The Met we were famished and walked through Central Park...

To this place...
Gray's Papaya on the Upper West Side
where I quickly devoured a hotdog and a glass of papaya juice.
But with no where to sit and rest my screaming feet, my grumpiness was not relieved.
And I was still hungry {one hotdog did NOT do the trick}. 

Favorite picture from our trip!

After some shopping and yummy treats at Tasti D'lite we decided to try the subway.
Honestly my nerves were still pretty raw and I felt like I was gonna cry at any moment.
Hormones were the main culprit but fatigue and the ridiculous amount of pain immenating from my feet we also nasty influences.

I'm typically not one who deals well with changes.
Although I've grown a LOT over the past few years, it's still a challenge for me to be flexible and not rigid.
I'm always worried or expecting the worst in situations where I feel ill-prepared or uncomfortable.
I hate this about myself...but I still struggle.
Taking the subway was a change that I was uncomfortable with (but honestly also relieved once we did it).
Mostly though, I was frustrated with myself and was afraid I was going to ruin our trip.
Having deep gashes on both the heels and ankles of both legs was excruciating and made me miserable company.
I was mad at myself but it ended up coming out toward my friends.
I'm sorry guys.
I was not much fun for a while and I hope you can forgive me.

After a successful subway ride {Megan was our master navigator this weekend} back to the fashion district {and so glad we rode the subway} my mood was much improved! 

Ania has been a french macaron lover for years.
She turned both Megan and I on to these amazing little cookies and we've even made them (or attempted...they're hard) multiple times before.
So, of course, we had to track down a french macaron shop in Manhattan.

Macaron Cafe was amazing!!!
We have some pretty great macarons in Dallas but these were by far my favorite EVER.
I tried the pistachio, vanilla cream, strawberry, and chocolate coconut.

Another tip: Macarons are always best chilled. If you get them to-go and don't plan on eating them right away, make sure you chill them before eating. Trust me.

After our much un-needed cookie break, we got back on the subway to Bleecker Street in the West Village.

We strolled down this charming street and enjoyed all the cute and quirky little shops.

By this time it was getting dark so we stopped for dinner at a quaint little restaurant where I had one of the best gyro's this side of Greece {can't top the original}.
And then cupcakes {like we needed the sugar} at Magnolia Bakery.

We actually waited in line for these first because the line was around the corner and down the side of the building. Then we grabbed dinner and then munched on our cupcakes later that evening.
I got the chocolate cake with chocolate icing...and then scrapped the icing off b/c I'm not a big icing fan.

I thought the cupcakes were good but nothing outrageous...but maybe I had a sugar overload that day so my tastebuds weren't functioning properly.
Ania and Megan LOVED them though!


See you tomorrow for day 3!!

Have you been to NYC?
What's your favorite place to eat, see, or do?

Have you ever been grumpy on vacation?
How did you get through it?

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