New York City: Day 1

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Me, Megan, and Ania

Day 1 started at 4:30am.
The girls stayed the night at my place so we woke up, packed the car, and headed to the airport {David was off that day so he drove us}.  We were SO surprised by how many people were at the airport that early and because of the congestion security took us forrrrever
We had just enough time to grab a bagel and drink before boarding the packed plane and heading to New York. 

Once we landed we were picked up by our pre-paid shuttle and enjoyed the interesting drive into Manhattan.
Wow the roads here are bad.
We shared the shuttle with a few other people and ended up being the last to be dropped off {I actually don't think our driver knew where our hotel was since it was brand new}. But we made it and were able to check right into our room...a big relief since official check-in wasn't until 4pm.

We quickly freshened up and then set out to explore the city.
First up, FOOD.

Fortunately our hotel was just around the corner from the original Shake Shack.
The line was long but the food was well worth the wait.
I could go for one right now. Mmmm.

Empire State Building views from the park after lunch.

After lunch we set off on foot to explore more of the city.
We headed up to the Garment District and made a stop at Mood Designer Fabrics
{where I secretly hoped to meet Tim Gunn.}

That didn't happen but if you saw my tweet, we did meet see someone famous...

Yep, Kate Gosselin.

Here's the story:
 Mood is big.
3 stories worth of fabric big.

Ania, Megan, and I were wandering separately around the store.
I was down on the 2nd floor (main entrance is 3rd) looking at upholstery fabrics and, after finishing, I went to see what the girls found.
I began to ascend the staircase on the 3rd floor when I look up and see Ania and Megan at the top. Ania began making huge handmotions, mouthing "the blonde," and pointing downward.
I looked immediately to my right and saw the back of a cute, slim blonde woman at the fabric counter.

Then it happened.
Still uncertain of what the girls were telling me {cute outfit, celebrity, creeper?} I stopped on the stairs.  Slowly, the blonde turned and [as if sensing danger] locked her eyes squarely on mine.
I couldn't move.

It was Kate.
Yep, no doubt. I'm like 5 feet away.
And she had it out for me.

It seemed like 30 minutes before I could break the voo-doo stare and prompt my legs to move up those stairs...but I did it friends.
I did it.

Apparently, Ania and Megan saw her first. Ania, being the cool, collected woman she is, whipped her phone out to snap a pic. Kate {who must have epic Mommy-vision} saw her and although Ania tried to play it cool...the game was up.
Kate was on high-alert. 

I have to say though, I feel for Kate.
She's never been an easily lovable lady {before or after the split} but I wonder how I'd handle her life if I were her.
 8 babies. Jon. TV. Criticism. Divorce. Etc.

She's been in survival mode for so long a part of me understands her guarded, cynical; harsh exterior.
 I might be the same way.

Moving on...

We left Mood empty-handed and set out on the streets again.
I swear we walked like 15+ miles this weekend.

After a little more walking we arrived in Times Square.
It was chaos and light and beauty and grit.
And peddlers...yea, those too.

By this time it was starting to get dark and we were {again} starving so we decided to head back in the direction of our hotel for more exploring and some grub.

spidey Megan in the creepy hotel hallway

We stopped in the hotel to change where I made the fatal decision to put on the flats I packed.
Look at those flesh-cutters.
I should have known better than to pack flats that are stiff...ugh.
Lesson learned.

Within a few minutes of leaving our hotel the back of my ankles were eaten up and oozing.
You're welcome.
So after an emergency stop to buy new flats {thank you Gap} we had dinner at a small pizza place and then strolled down to Eataly's for some Cioccolata (aka Italian hot chocolate).
This stuff was RICH and THICK.
Do you see the skin?
It was more like syrup than a drinkable beverage.
Megan doctored hers with some skim milk and it was much better, so I did the same.
Definitely a fun experience though.

Once we finally made it back to our room we were exhausted and ready to enjoy the luxuries of our room:
Mechanized blackout drapes
{loved pushing a button from the bed and falling into total slumber paradise}
iHome entertainment system
One-touch lighting
Electronic Housekeeping and Do Not Disturb pad/display

Our hotel was a beautiful retreat from busyness of the city.

And the bathroom...
Although small {hello we're in NY not TX} it was decked out.
TV in the mirror
8 head shower.
Plush linens.
High-end finishes.

Did I mention the shower?
Oh man...divine.
Thank you Moen.

After showers we crawled in bed and were OUT.
We definitely needed some sleep after a long but great day.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our day 2 adventures!!


  1. What hotel did you STAY at?! I love NYC...your post is making me want to go back!

  2. What hotel was that? I'd love to have a new place to stay in/check out on our next NYC trip!

  3. We stayed at the Flatiron Hotel on the corner of Broadway and 26th. It was a great location for heading either Uptown or Down. The front-desk people were great and our room was perfect. We really enjoyed it!

  4. You girls look like you had so much fun. What is there that's better than a weekend with best friends? I can't believe you saw Kate!! I love the way you put it, about her personality.

    I want those french fries and to stay in your hotel. Next time we go to NYC, I'm looking this up. Were the rates reasonable?

  5. Erin - we got a GREAT deal since we booked so far in advance and they JUST opened. I believe it was a grand opening special. We booked an airfare/hotel package through It was a great deal and very reasonable price for the amenities, location, and size in Manhattan.

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Can't wait to see day 2. Your hotel looks awesome. I haven't been to NYC in almost 10 years - I've been harassing the husband to take me on a trip soon!


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