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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everyone has a personal style.  Even those who think they have no style...ahem, my Dad.
My style might be termed classic eclecticism.  I love clean, simple lines with unexpected or special details. 

Here are some items that capture my aesthetic.

green chalcedony earrings                 Pinned Image

1.                                                                 2.

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3.                                                                                          4. 

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5.                                                                                   6.

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7.                                                                                      8.

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1. www.elephantheart.com
2. etsy
3. www.hm.com
4. www.anthropologie.com
5. www.encoreuneminute.tumblr.com
6. www.zara.com
7. store.nomadshop.net
8. kyrku.com
9. www.maraisusa.com

What's YOUR style?


  1. i love, love, LOVE your style!! mine is similar to yours it seems. simple and clean, but spiced up with fun jewelry, accessories, etc.

  2. That's exactly how I describe my style as well!! I love #1 and #4 the very most.

  3. ive wanted those shoes forever


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