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Monday, October 17, 2011

Early Friday morning I will be getting on an airplane with two of my oldest friends and heading to New York City.

I can't believe it's here. {Remember when I first told you about it?}

There is so much to do to get ready for our little adventure so I decided to make this time doubly productive and share some of my favorite travel tips with you this week.
"How to pack", "Making the most of a little time," and "Save vs. Splurge" are just a few of the ideas.  We'll see how they pan out amidst the chaos.  My over-ambition is a fatal character flaw.

Also, you will all be proud of me.  After a good {and much needed} nap on Saturday, I did the dishes and began to tidy the kitchen. I always seem to start in the kitchen...hmmm. Anyway, I had to stop when David got home so we could go to church {we have Saturday night and Sunday morning services but we go Sat night}.  Then yesterday I woke up refreshed {not really, but feeling better} and I cleaned the in I mopped and vacuumed and dusted and everything!!!  David also mowed the yard and then got up on the roof for some manly, dryer ventilation fixing. Apparently when our house was built in 2000, they didn't install the proper dryer vent system and we had a major fire hazard going on.  I noticed our clothes weren't drying well so after a good hose cleaning didn't resolve the problem we discovered this little malfunction. You would NOT believe the amount of lint he pulled out. Yikes. Scary stuff. All is well now though and the proper vent is installed. So thankful we never had a fire. Whew!

Now that things are clean and de-linted, everyone is in a better mood around these parts.

Oh, and I just might have a new recipe for you this week too. 


  1. It's amazing how a clean house can make us feel SO much better. I am so envious of your upcoming trip. Can't wait for the full report afterwards.


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