The Most Embarrassing Post Ever

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last night while getting ready for bed my husband (through toothpaste oozing lips) said: "Sometimes I look at you and can't believe you still put those things on your body."

Exxxxxxxcuse me sir. Come again?

Pride aside...I knew what he was in reference to: My favorite lounger-jammy pants. True they are tattered, worn, and may contain more holes than the Lusitania, but oh how I love them. Unlike some people (husband) I don't judge by outward appearance. I love these pants for who. they. are. {Yes, that's right.}  The comfort and utility these britches have afforded through the years cries for my loyalty.  They have been by my side in sickness and health, good days and bad, to paint or not to paint....wait, that's not right....

Regardless, these comfortable, saggy, ugly things are still wearable (only at home and even then still barely.)  But I can't get rid of them just because they're ugly. I just can't.

The insuing discussion led David to challenge me to a blog investigation. This post will determine the fate of my favorite loungers.  {Have mercy on me.}

What you are about to see might possibly be the most embarrassing/horrific photos ever taken.
{You have been warned.}

This is so that you can see for yourself (not just take my word...blah blah) and give a true estimation of whether or not it is time for:

1.  An incinerator
 2.  An apology

I have stated my case and will henceforth refrain from any further justification.  Only objective evidence from this point onward...for fairness and all that.

freshly awake, authentic photo prowess.

Hello early morning crazy-hair Faith.

1. They ARE clean, despite how they look (I may have painted in them a time or two.)
2. The holes came from the either the dogs (an unfortunate instance of tug-of-war) OR a snag from my lower cabinet knobs (it grew when washed...and then grew again when it was re-snagged.)

early morning editing...please don't judge the improper article usage (or my bum)
I meant "a" not "an"

When I bought them they had drawstring bottoms (perfect for cinching your icy feet inside on cold nights...oh how I loved them).  The drawstrings have since been worn off but it's a good thing I'm highwaters here.

So What's Your Verdict?
Keep or Toss
(it's ok, you can be honest)

Today's Question:
Now it's your turn to dish. 

What do you wear to lounge/sleep in? Do you have hideous, embarrassing loungewear? Surely I am not alone.


  1. This is too funny. I say keep them...but maybe be on the lookout for another pair that you could love just as much. :)

    I'm still in my hideously mismatched pajamas. It is 2:00. Sadly my summer vacation ends in approximately 5 days, which means I'll have to get up and actually put real matching clothes on...

  2. I say keep them to lol. Although, they look like a pair you had the last time I saw your beautiful face. Which was quite a while back.

  3. oh ms. faith you must keep the tattered comfy sleepers. like Erin mentioned maybe keep on the look out for a new pair...only so the comfies get to stay for a longer period.

  4. Haha! I am very loyal to a certain pair of sweat pants and every time my husband sees them he just groans and says, "Nooo, not the maroon sweat pants!!" He's just waiting for the day I get rid of them so I totally feel your pain.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments :)


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