A HUGE Thank You

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm not sure what the proper blogging etiquette is for things like this, but I need to send a ginormous "Thanks" to those of you who've pinned my recipes (particularly my snickerdoodle/pumpkin cream cheese) to Pinterest and/or made them on your blogs.  I have been floored by your kindness and just can't find the words to tell you how appreciative I am. 

Thank you so much!

I have been so excited/overwhelmed that anytime I run across someone who's pinned my recipe on Pinterest I'm like "Thank you soooo much!". Haha. I'm so awkward. Some of you have even let me know you've made them and/or reviewed them on your blog and I've tried (hope I haven't forgotten anyone) to stop by and say thanks.  You've even had some great additions/adaptations to the recipe too which is really fun and exciting.  I learn from you all.

It's easy to forget that other people read my little ramblings here so it's been such an honor to feel all the lovin'.

Keep it coming. I really love hearing from you!

So thanks again for reading and giving me such a big virtual hug.  Please consider this my Texas-size hug right back at ya.
Hug it out.


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