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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally the time has come.
Today I have a very special treat for you - my first guest post! 
Meet Ania Deptuch. 

She's the visionary behind these pictures and is a possibly the most talented person I know.  We've been friends since third grade and although opposites in a lot of ways, she is one of the funniest people on the planet and I love her like a sister. 

I was in the hospital our senior year of high school...Ania was the entertainment.

me, ania, megan
Hiking in New Mexico w/ our other bff, Megan.

fondue night - me, Megan, Ania

The night I got engaged.

serious faces.


Even her bathroom is stylish...and look at little Mazzi.


She makes me do this alot.


She's really pretty too. :)

Ania (pronounced "On-Ya") is currently working on getting her second degree in fashion but dabbles in all kinds of art/design. 

Look at her first gown!  I die.

she draws/sketches (keep an eye on the dress on the left)

And then she makes it...what?!

She paints. Incredible.

She makes these out of plastic bottles.
I. kid. you. not.

She creates these boards.

And this is what she does with her photos...amazing (but Ania, no more driving and picture taking mmmkay?)

So without further adieu....please welcome my friend Ania. 
Take it away loser. :)



-Electric blue leggings, Forever 21
-Vintage plaid shirt
-Faux leather jacket, Urban Outfitters
-Skull print scarf (staple in any bad ass' closet), Alexander McQueen
-Color block purse, Zara
-Christian Louboutins, because why the hell not!?

-Tailored, puff sleeve cream blazer, Victoria's Secret
-Button up shirt with tie around the neck, Forever 21
-Black a-line skirt, Express....Add black tights to look even more Parisian!
-Pale pink mary janes!, MIA shoes
-Vintage brown leather purse, because brown and black will
go together!


Both of these looks have a vintage, summery feel. It's TX, we've got at least another month to get away with these looks, if not longer. Both of these looks can be spiced up for fall too. Just add tights and a little bootie and a cardigan, and you are good to go. I could even see myself in the floral dress at the State Fair. Although I'd much rather wear my "bad ass" look, weather permitting. Last year at the Fair, I wore tights with a floral print and I could've made the Guinness Book of World Records for most stares by people in one day. I got more weird looks that day than I do when I go to the mall w/out a bra. I guess all those Texans thought I had tattoos all over my legs.

Anyway, the blue dress is from Urban Outfitters (on sale) and the floral is from Forever 21....perhaps poor quality clothing but, a cheap and quick way to build your wardrobe. It's a good place to shop when you are on a budget and you need something that you can layer with your other great pieces in your closet. It's floral dress heaven in there. Both purses are vintage. I bought both shoes at Anthroplogie. The white and silver wedge (I am starting to love silver) are Seychelles, and I can't read the label on the yellow ones because I've worn them to death. Fun ways to accessorize....tie a little handkerchief around your neck or pin a bow-tie to the top of your dress or shirt. I love finding other ways to add to my outfit other than jewelry. Anything goes in fashion, as long as you own it. Let them stare!


I love that last sentence: "Anything goes in fashion, as long as you own it. Let them stare!"
Oh and I know this girl...she wasn't kidding about the bra thing. It's like she's a hippie or something. tmi?
Thanks Ania.

Amazing right? She's incredible y'all. If you want to see more of what this chick's got up her sleeve check out her new blog HERE.  It's still a work-in-progress as she gets it up and running but it's gonna be sooooo good and she let us get a sneak peek at one of her first posts. You can also find her on Pinterest...and if you want to purchase some of her art contact her for pricing info (very reasonable).

Creative people operate on another's not fair.

freckled laundry


  1. You have an EXTREMELY talented friend!! Great guest post!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Looking forward to reading more of yours!

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