Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I came home yesterday to find this lovely note on our front door. Apparently, in my absence, the mutts chewed through our back fence and decided to hang out on the neighbors back porch for a few hours. Say what?
My friend Jessi was like, "well at least the animal control officer said 'please'". Haha. She's much kinder than I.

There was no question as to who instigated this dastardly deed. I instantly knew Marley Nigel was responsible for the mayhem. Sammy rarely misbehaves and has NEVER eaten wood...hello, because that's dumb. This is Nigel's 3rd fence destruction. He needs help. I think he might have pica.

Poor David had to work late and didn't get home until after dark. After thinking he had the appropriate supplies to fix the hole he soon discovered he was mistaken and had to make a 9pm trip to the Home Depot. I felt so bad for him. Other than keeping the hoodlums out of the backyard until he was finished, there wasn't much I could do to help.

This hasn't been our kind of week. Last was worse...but still.
I'm ready for a vacation.

Good thing tonight is Women's Bible Study (Sermon on the Mount pt 4).

How's your week going?
Any unexpected or fun things happening?


  1. BUMMER. Sorry to hear about your fence and you're dog's weird cravings. I bet they had a pretty exciting day!

  2. hahahaha this still makes me laugh...love the picture of the note. Silly doggies. Yes, I just said doggies.

    (And a Sermon on the Mount series? That's what our pastor is doing now, too!!)

  3. Oh sad about the fence!!! I can remember running after my family's dog as a kid when he would run off. Sadly I don't have my own dog to run after (living in an apartment isn't really suitable for a dog).
    I just found your blog from the lovely Erin above and I'll definitely be back!
    btw, we have a giveaway going on at our blog...maybe you could enter and win and brighten up your week? but don't enter if you would be sad if you lose because that would make your week worse and i can't promise you'll win. :)


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