Breakfast Woes

Friday, September 2, 2011

First of all, thanks to those of you who voted in yesterday's pant post.  Between the blog and facebook the consensus was to KEEP them.  I will not gloat.  Erin from His & Hers (awesome blog, awesome gal...check her out) had a great suggestion to keep them but start the hunt for a replacement pair that I can love just as much.  Brilliant!!  I don't know why I hadn't thought of this but I will definitely begin the search. Thanks Erin. :)

Morning meals suck.

I am not a big breakfast person. I know I should eat this "most important meal" but I really struggle. Somehow I feel like breakfast should only be eaten on big occasions and/or holidays like Christmas or something.

The problem is multi-faceted:
  • I can only eat eggs in moderation (meaning like once a month...maybe.)
  • Toast/bagels/pancakes tend to be too heavy and carb packed for me.
  • I haven't been able to do cereal since college (when cereal was on the menu for every meal...ugh.)
  • Smoothies only go so far
  • I'm typically not hungry when I first get up (no matter how hard I worked the day before) so I end up feeling like I'm force feeding myself. Not pleasant.

I realize I must sound like the most finicky eater on the planet and I might be but the problem still exists. 

Today I tried this organic probiotic smoothie from Stonyfield Farm:

It was decent but the sugar content was pretty high.
Not sure if it's a keeper.

I feel utterly stumped.  In colder months I try and incorporate more oatmeal into my breakfasts which is nice and filling (a little goes a long way) but I can't do hot breakfasts when it's still a raging inferno outside.  Hopefully this will change soon.  Plus, if I eat a lot of oatmeal the texture makes me gag so I try and limit my consumption. 

Help. What do you normally eat for breakfast? Do you like big hearty breakfasts or do you struggle to eat them at all? Do you eat the same thing everyday or do you rotate? 


  1. I found your blog via The Handmade Home post about my dining room! Yay....:) In regard to breakfast, I am a bfast girl 100%. Usually I eat the same thing until I am over it. Right now it is Kashi cereal with fresh berries on top and maybe a pot of coffee. Really, it's true! :) Happy weekend to you. Nancy

  2. I usually eat two breakfasts. I love Greek Yogurt. And peaches and cream oatmeal. xoxo.

  3. Have you ever tried steel cut oats? I just started making them for myself and my kids a few months back and I LOVE the texture. Kind of "poppy" lol. I mix in some maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla and sometimes fresh blueberries's pretty yummy!

    Thanks for visiting BPPackages yesterday!!


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