Betcha Don't Know This

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steel yourselves. Those of you with weak stomachs, look away.
I may give the cool appearance of awesomeness, but here's the secret....I'm not.

The proof is in the pudding...

Favorite TV show
#1 - Frasier

Maybe it's because of my psychology/counseling background....
no, this show is just THAT good.
Gets me every time.


 #2 - Murder, She Wrote

I have no defense.
I love JB Fletcher.

I forget I'm watching DVR'd programs and therefore don't ffwd through the commercials; Yet always try to ffwd through live tv


I wear mud masks and scare my pets

I tweet things like this:

"The Civil Wars, a book on 16th century piracy ('Arg' not creative infringement), and a cup of tea. Happy #nationalcoffeeday"

Speaking of coffee.....

Favorite Autumnal beverage

Green Tea

Pinned Image

I'm NOT a pumpkin/spice lover. At all.
AND I don't like coffee.
Shock and horror. I know.

I paint in denim (always a bad idea)

*mural from an elementary school library circa 2002*

This makes me cry

Btw - First voice you hear is Matt Chandler, my pastor.
We've been members of The Village (named after the town we were in...not some weirdo cult thing) for almost 6 years, but about 2 years ago Matt had a seizure and found out he had malignant brain cancer. This was the video shot mere days after his seizure and shortly before his brain surgery.


Hard to believe nearly 2 years have gone by.
Today, after 18months of chemo and several of radiation, Matt's MRI was clear and he is cancer free.
If you're interested in reading/knowing more you can google/youtube him or check out the church's website here.

I didn't mean for this to feel like a plug of any sort...I just hope it might encourage any who need encouraging. 

I (recently) discovered that Regis and Kelly are awesome too!

At my Momma's

Light Timers!!!!

Need I say more.

I married this hunk

Oh wait. HE might make me cool.

Wow we look young...5 years goes by fast.

Any funny, embarrassing, or otherwise entertaining self-disclosures you want to make?
Don't leave me hanging.


  1. I still sleep with a blankie. And I'm proud of it!

  2. You guys are so cute. :) Amazing story about your pastor! I could probably list 1549889 things that make me weird, but one of them is that my undies have to match my outfit. It bothers me when they don't. WEIRD.

    Happy weekend!

  3. i love this post... murder she wrote is a classic!!

  4. Has your Pastor heard of the Gerson therapy for cancer treatment? I heard about it on a documentary called Foodmatters. Anyway, just good to have info. Praise God he is doing well!


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