Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today's workout was fun. 
 I think I've arrived at that stage of health/fitness where I LOVE working out and truly miss the gym when I can't get there. It's true. Feeling weak, wobbly, and sweaty is amazing.  Sometimes I stop and think "Wow, I just did that." 
{cue woman roar}

I wanted to give you a taste of my workout today. 
First: 1 hour Zumba/Hip-Hop

Here's a little sample of some of the stuff we might do.
{Don't stalk. And no I'm not in the video.}
These aren't my favorite songs. They're actually some of the slower/catch-your breath ones...but you get the idea.
I love it because dancing never feels like exercise to me and that hour flies by! Plus, we typically burn between 500-600 calories per hour. 
Get. outta. here.
A great cardio workout that's fun?!!
Can't beat it.

Next up: Weights
It's Leg Day.
Thanks to the Tone It Up girls for another great workout.
I was actually surprised how well this one felt...especially the Hee-Haw's.
Ha! I thought those would be a breeze. Wrong.

I am spent.
But it feels great. 

Isn't that what everyone says? It's so true though. It feels so good to take care of your body and have it love you right back. I'm not citing perfection here but discipline. Discipline is a dirty word to most of us right? We either ride on one of two extremes: rigid and harsh or so lackadaisical we just do whatever we want in the moment.  I used to be the same way.  I'd either beat myself up for not doing more/better or being more/better or I'd wallow in self-defeat, feeling as if I'd never be able to do anything so why try.

I feel like I may have finally conquered that monster.  That's not to say the temptation isn't there, but living healthily has become so much a part of me now that those old patterns lose their power.  I know I've changed my body (am changing my body.)  I feel and see the difference.  Instead of wishing I was different I am now putting energy into stewarding what I have well. I push and stretch myself every day. 

It's remarkable how closely united are our inner and outer persons are.     
Disciplining my body has done maybe more to transform my mind and heart than anything you can see.
I'm really grateful.

So wherever you are - don't despair. Start somewhere and keep going. Don't measure your success by others. Be your own measuring stick. Take care of yourself.  And do it because you want to be healthy not because you want to look like "so-and-so". 
Remember: Healthy isn't a number.

What lessons have you been learning lately?  Has exercise {or the lack of it} affected your feeling or thinking more than you thought?

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. You have given me the kick in the butt to just go do it! I need to fit exercising into my routine again. I do feel great when I am done. It does wonders for mind and body.


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