Monday, August 15, 2011

True to my word I'm doing another outfit post today. 
I'll wait for the clapping to stop.

My goal is to post what I wear everyday this week. Lofty intentions...we'll see how it goes. :) 

In case I haven't disclosed as much before, let me be clear: I am not a rockstar, I don't dream of Fendi purses, and I won't stuff my feet in 5-inch stilettos. I enjoy fashion but with an approachable, wearable, easy, casual; effortless aesthetic.  Sure I can glam it up if I have to {although even then I prefer a natural look} but I'm not trying to dazzle you with my style prowess.  Mmmkay?

Normal girl threads...buckle up.

Since I don't have a photographer (or any photography skills myself) I decided to just lay out my outfit on the bed and snap away. 
 I'm adapting.

(yes that's my bra...I'll explain in a sec)

Starting at the feet:

Gianni Bini gold strappy "Jesus" sandals ;)
I love these and have pretty much worn them every day since late April.

Banana Republic gray skinny jeans.
1. I am OBSESSED with gray denim right now.  These jeans are my absolute fav!
2.  They were originally priced around $100...I got them for $17. 
I'm the good-deal fairy.

J.Crew nautical striped tank

 I love stripes.

And now the bra. 
Incredible Demi Bra by Victoria's Secret (the non push-up one)

Ok, don't get squeamish.
If you're a woman who's struggled with bra fit and/or comfort then you will appreciate this undergarment shout-out. 

The thing I love most about this bra is that it doesn't fall off my shoulders.  I have small shoulders and always struggle with rogue straps that drip down my arms and poke out from under t-shirt sleeves.  That's not pretty. 
These straps don't have those adjustable buckle things that never work anyway.  Instead, they're made from a material that stretches to fit your shoulders, not the other way around.  genius.

Another thing I love about this bra - it's not padded.  A girl can't find a quality, non push-em-up-to-your-teeth bra anywhere. I am not voluptuously endowed but I still do NOT want a push-up.  No. I . Don't.  Nor do I want a bra that is so thin any change in temperature is immediately visible to the general public. What is wrong w/ you people?  

This bra is lined perfectly for modesty but adds no bulk or ridiculous "umph" to the girls.
It also has great, shape, support, and comfort. 

Probably the best bra I've ever owned.   

What are your favorite undergarments? 
Tell me. Now.

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