Lame Outfit Post

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

...from the world's poorest photographer (as in skill, not dollars and cents). 

I've been feeling pretty blah lately and though I have nothing worthwhile to share w/ you I decided to do an outfit post today (of all things!)
The following is pitiful. 

Steel yourselves.


I used to think Anne Taylor Loft was for middle-aged, boring, middle-class women who thought they had fashion sense but didn't. {Don't stop reading yet!!!}  Imagine my delight, however, to find out they have some lovely things!!  {To be fair though I have to admit that there are still items in the store which conjure up those old notions, but then I see cute staples like the following dress and I'm all forgiveness}:

Cute right? Simple, clean lines...easy to dress up or down. And a great basic for fall/winter layering (hang on folks, it IS coming!!)

Here's me (fairly headless Faith) in it:

{Yes I realize I chopped my head off and that the bottom is blurry beyond belief.  I suck but I told you I would.}  I bought this dress a few weeks ago w/ a 40% off coupon.  Yahoo!  I went and saw The Help at the matinee and then ran a few errands in this little number before gracing you with my presence.  {I'm a generous gal.} 

Dress: LOFT - $49.99 w/ a 40% off coupon = $30 approx.

I love reading other people's outfit posts so I will try to get better with promises...but I will try.  :)


  1. Cute dress! :) I discovered Loft when I needed teacher clothes...I've definitely seen stuff that I've liked, but often it's a little more than I'd want to spend!

    I hope your blahs go away soon. :(


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