Kitchen Plans

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm probably about to commit a DIY no-no.
The crime?
Starting a new project without finishing the one before.

oh well.

The Kitchen

My kitchen is currently blue/green and white. 
It does not jive well with the gray in the adjacent living/dining.

I have leftover wall paint.
I have a sander.
I have a plan.

I want to paint the walls the same shade of MS gray as the living/dining
I'm planning on tricking out the backsplash inexpensively
(those dated beige squares have got to go)
painting the lower cabinets a darker shade of gray
plus some counter decluttering...I hate lots of stuff on the countertops

Lovely bay window area soiled by ugly dog bowls...
how do people with pets have pretty houses?

someone help me.

See how the gray and the blue-green don't work?

Plus I love a monochromatic color scheme.

I also want a rug.
Not for the dogs...for me.


  1. haha but the dogs would love the rug, too, no? ;)

    We bought small ceramic dishes from Crate & Barrel for our kitties. They look nicer than the plastic ones, and they're easier to clean. However, I know nothing about feeding dogs, so I don't know if something similar would work for you, maybe in a larger size and set on something higher off the floor?

    You go ahead and commit that DIY what makes you happy! Love the idea of gray and white in your kitchen! :)

  2. I am so guilty of that DIY No-No too. I love your plan for your kitchen. I am almost finished with my kitchen renovation. Hurray!!!!
    My mom had the same dog bowl problem until she found some cool metal mixing bowls at an antique store.


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