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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Momentum in the living/dining room has been slow. I cannot find the right textiles for the space and that little snafoo has delayed the purchase of both the sofa and new coffee table.  How do I shoulder the burden of such good taste? Haha...I jest, I jest.

Last night I did a little rearranging/repurposing though and it's already made a difference (textiles be darned).  I flip-flopped the armoire and chairs on one wall and swapped them for the long console table on the other

The Living Room Before: WALL 1

Ok, yes...waaaaaaay before
Since then I have:
gotten rid of furniture
removed wall art

It is still very much a project but here's the most recent progress

The (not finished) Now: WALL 1

Lots of work still to do. Namely:
center the furniture...hello
 artwork for the walls
new pillows for the directors chairs
and other accessories

What Dick's Sporting Goods bag?
{More about the insides of that little bag later...}

Time to say bu-bye to the still-cute-but-doesn't-work-anymore robin's egg blue graphic pillows

I love my directors chairs.

This area is commonly known as "The Dumping Ground."
Ideally situated just shy of the garage entrance, it's a perfect place for mail, packages, purse, keys, shoes, etc.

Anyone else have spots like this in their home?

My purse's happy home.

Now to the other wall...

The Before: WALL 2

Wow. Looking at this reminds me of just how many changes I've already made...makes me anxious to finish this room and get my house back.

The Now: WALL 2

I still have work to do on the shelves and accessories/art but having the TV at eye level is already such a huge improvement.

Remember those art pieces? I am still uncertain of if they will stay in the space or not. 
The colors of the fuchsia/purple one aren't my fav (why did I paint them you ask? creative license. hush.)  I'm going to give it a few more weeks to see how I feel but there will likely be other tweaks coming.

This one definitely needs some work...you can hardly see the green splashes.

Today's Questions:
Do you rearrange often?  Have you noticed how much is affects a space? Do you tend to leave things alone or are you constantly in a state of room flux?

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  1. loooooks so good omg. I love your paintings.

  2. Really like the new paint color! Good progress! Found you via Simple Home Life. Toodles, Kathryn http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2011/08/little-goodwill-finds.html


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