Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Outfit posts.
So I don't even make it two whole days?  Really Faith? 

But like any respectable failure I have an excuse.  Ready?  I made two batches of homemade ice cream today.  Yes, you read that correctly...home - (wait for it) - made. Impressed?  I also made about 1000 melon balls from two beautiful, juicy specimens (picked this morning nonetheless...but not by me) from the farmer's market, and made homemade potato salad (hint: use non-fat plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo) with oven baked chicken for dinner.  You are now free to imagine me blowing smoke from the barrel of a blazin' hot 6-shooter.

I will return in full force tomorrow.  I'm sure you're all waiting to be dazzled.  I hope you don't pass out. 

I also am nursing an injury. Oh yes friends, tis true. The bodily misfortune resulted from nothing less than complete ineptitude. My family calls me "Crash" for very good reason, but I am happy to report I bore no hand in the grisly matter. Nope. Not this time sucka!

WARNING: avert your eyes if you have a weak stomach. It isn't pretty.

Forgive the blurriness...but this is my elbow. or was.
I had blood drawn at my Dr's office yesterday morning but I think the technician was a rookie. I bled out. In my skin. And on the little pillow they use to support your arm. And on the floor.
Thankfully I'm not squeamish and did not add to the debacle by passing out.
Good news: the swelling is going down
Bad news: 1. I am a leper the constant recipient of ugly stares and awkward gasps,
2. it hurts,
3. it is still swollen
4. I think it's getting bigger, not smaller.  What does this mean????!!!


  1. Oh no! My family always called me "Grace" for similar reasons...I hope it heals soon!

    (You go girl, with that amazing meal--I made spaghetti from a box and jar yesterday!!) :P


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