Tone It Up: Arms

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Double-Post Day? 
What kind of alternate world have we stepped into?!!

I just had to share my arm workout with you though. 
I saw this video on Pinterest (isn't P great!) from the Tone It Up girls and wanted to try it this week.

Now, as a real girl talking to real girls (and dudes too...who knows) let me just say
DO NOT be intimidated by these chicks and their "perfect" bodies.
Don't do it!
You will paralyze yourself before you even begin.

You're not them, you're do YOUR best.
Be your own fitness goal.
Stop getting in your own way.


Now, back to the workout...
It's a circuit workout for your arms.
I really felt it working e.v.e.r.y. part.
{triceps, biceps, forearms, deltoids (shoulders), etc.}
The important thing to remember is DO NOT STOP!!!
No breaks. 
 Keep going until the entire circuit is done (3x start to finish).

You CAN do it!

I also used moderately heavy weights.  It looks like she's lifting maybe 5lbs/arm but I went with quite a bit more weight.  You can adjust that to your comfort level but I would go on the heavy but not impossible'll see results faster. Promise.

My arms are jello now. 
It feels so good

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