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Monday, July 18, 2011

I hate garage sales. Or at least I did.  Last year some friends and their parents hosted a multi-family garage sale that was hot (it's summertime in Texas) but quite possibly the easiest, most hassle-free garage sale experience of my life.  So we're doing it again!!  DOA - this Saturday. 

I started prepping and pricing things almost 2 weeks ago but with the impromptu hiatus last week I've got lots to finish before Friday.  I'm probably most excited this year because 1) we're getting rid of our old, tired IKEA couch and 2) all my profit will be put towards a new sofa.  Um, yes!! 

This is the current favorite.  It's subject to change but I wanted to give you a sneak-peek anyway.

Aren't you just mad about those tufts?!  I have been a crazy about tufts since I bought my tufted headboard 5 years ago and this couch makes me swoon. 

Some other ideas I'm toying with for the living room.

chevron rug

clear acrylic table
(I really want a round wooden table but there's just something about this Lucite coffee table that I can't get over)

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  1. soooo fun!!
    love you. love to see you create.


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