Goodbye Yellow

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hellllllooooooo GRAY!!!!

This week I'm tackling a h.u.g.e. project.  Our living/dining/foyer has been in need of some sprucing.  We bought the home 4 years ago and while my tastes have evolved and changed, this sweet little yellow room has stayed the same (and yes, I painted it was mauve/pink/brown when we moved in). 

Here is a picture of the room right before I slapped the first coat of paint on her walls...

{Sampson and Nigel say hi.}
This yellow looks super bright...but in person it was lovely.  It had great dimension and changed subtly throughout the day...

but time for a change. 

It's no secret that gray (grey? any thoughts?) is my favorite color and now I am apparently dead-set on transforming my entire house into a cloudy day...
but oh, how perfect that day is.

My plans for our dining room ('s not really big enough to be called a room)?
- Crisp white molding/chair rail.  
- New light fixture.
- Rug
- New curtains
- Art

Excuse the table-top mess...this is real-life people. :) 

I can't wait to show you the finished product...although if we're honest (judging by the office debacle a few months back) this may not be until October 2013. 

Just sayin'.

I'm all about honesty.

Martha comes through for me again. 
The perfect almost-but-not-quite-white gray...
Cumulus Cloud

Please note:
*I think it looks sorta blue-ish in is NOT blue.  It is light gray and I have a crappy camera.*

I also painted a piece that might hang above our mantel. 
Pics will be posted if and when I decide it's a keeper.

The Handmade Home


  1. looks awesome!! that gray really opens up the space. i cant even wait to see it in person.

  2. grey! i love grey! looking so much better.

    remember to enter the july giftaway!

  3. I gotta say. The title of your post caused conflicting emotions for me, because I think I love the two colors in general, equally. especially together. ;) BUT I LOVE THE SWITCH! its so CALMING! hope you are loving it too! wonderful choice. ;) thanks for playing today! its fun to creep around and see what everyone is up to! ;)

  4. I'm so glad to hear that when others paint it can also take a reallllly long time. I thought we were the only ones that really enjoyed dragging out the insanity! The colour is pretty. Will be so nice when you are done!

  5. Yellow is sunny, grey is relaxing..can't go wrong either way, depends on your preference. You chose well. It's the easiest way to change the look of a room. Visiting via the linky party on the handmade home.

  6. I love yellow (I blogged about my yellow entryway today), but gray is awesome, too!

  7. I agree w/ all of you. Yellow is lovely. I just wanted a big change and the gray is definitely that. Now if I could just finish the room...sigh. :)

  8. I like the switch. Don't you just love grey? I bought some grey paint to refinish a desk and now I'm finding myself wanting to paint everything grey! This is funny since I'm more of a yellow personality. :)


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