Daydreaming of Fall Fashion

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday.  There are scarcely words for the befuddlement (I just made up a word) I felt when I walked in to see aisles upon aisles of Christmas items. We're talking the whole arsenal people: trees, ornaments, ribbon, wreaths, and even nutcrackers.
I ran out screaming. 
{Have I mentioned it's 101 in Texas, my Texas...heat index is like 109.}
Sister isn't ready for Santa and snow globes.

Truth be told I am longing for fall though.  It's my favorite season.  But it seems many other stores are taking part in the same torturous activities.  Join me as I sit  in the AC and daydream about crisp breezes, scarfs, and hot tea. 

This shirt dress is perfect.

Fall party/shower/special event? {Not that I have any of those to go to...but we're dreaming here}

Coral. Shut the front door.

Every lady needs a trench.  I love the subtle but classic navy trim detail.  Takes it from ordinary to special. 


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