Awkward but...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disclaimer: The following post is not because I'm a closet narcissist. In fact, it's taken me a month or so to work up the nerve to do this. I don't like having my picture taken. Like most women, I've struggled with my self-image/esteem for my entire life.  I tend to be a quiet, comfortable-in-the-background kinda this is realllllly hard for me.  {be gentle}

I mentioned my bff Ania (pronounced like "Tanya" but w/out the 't') some weeks ago. She is a brilliant artist and truly one of the most creative and inspired people I know.  I'm so grateful to have called her my sister/friend since 3rd grade. 

Her photography {just one of her many medias} is beautiful. In fact, when I looked at the photos she took of me {she wouldn't allow me to look at myself in the mirror during the shoot...this girl knows me...I'd have been too self-conscious and freaked-out} I actually thought "wow...those are nice." She's good folks, real good.  And isn't that what art, beauty; inspiration is supposed to do to us?  Take us beyond ourselves to something more? Amen and amen.

I can't wait to show you more of what this chick can do.  But hopefully this might wet your appetite...or at least get you thinking about what stirs you. 
Life is too short not to be stirred. 


(this one is my fav)


  1. yes ania is good, but it helps that you're beautiful!

  2. Love these! So neat that you two still remain a close friendship! You have gorgeous eyes!!

  3. Faith, you look gorgeous in these pictures! I totally feel ya on the conscientious mirror's a hard battle to win.

    And power tool therapy=yes. Maybe it could be paired with demolition therapy where first you blow up a house or something (obviously not your own house, though...) It would definitely be a nice stress reliever. :)


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