Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned working on a new painting for our living/dining room redo.  After a good nights sleep and and approval from my bff (who is the most incredible artist I know...seriously, this girl is out.of.control *new blog idea*).  Here it is:

Now I realize art is intensely personal and subjective so I hold no offense if you don't like my painting.  But I have to tell you, I dig it so much.  It gets better everytime I look at it and is almost exactly what I wanted to create (a bold, striking, original focal piece that's both modern and fun to help break up some of the traditional/neutral heaviness of the room). 

You may remember the drip paintings I did for our master bedroom...this piece uses the same technique in the final step. I think it's going to look ammmmmazing over the white limestone/ish fireplace with the pale gray walls.

The color is much brighter in the photo than in person.  Another effect of the poor camera/photographer but I still love it. 

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