Taking the Plunge

Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you sick of hearing about my lack of progress in the office?  Man, what a tool this room is turning out to be {ok, I have absolutely no idea what that means...hope it's not inappropriate.} 

I'm really struggling with this space.  I don't have a clear vision and every time I think I might be figuring it out, I'm wrong.  Anyone ever have rooms like this?  I keep making one design mistake after another.  The room is a misfit...but I'm not giving up, oh no, I'm just taking a step back.

One of my primary flounders in this room has been the hastiness with which I've tried to complete it. 

Example A - the curtains (sorry no pictures).  I wanted a beautiful floral or geometric print but settled (after 3 separate shopping trips) on plain white linen sheers.  They're ok but certainly not impactful enough to give life to this all-white room.  Initially I wanted pre-made drapery panels.  I don't own a sewing machine and although I've done some sewing in my life {thanks Grandma} I'm not all that comfortable with it in general. 

Buttttt  (not heiney) I've decided to bite the bullet folks.  I'm going to make my own drapes {scary!}  I have friends with machines and I can sew in straight lines...fairly well.  Plus, I'm tired of not doing what I want in the space because I don't think I can.

I'm going out of town today but I'll be back Monday to show you what fabric choices I'm considering for the curtains.  Fun, fun!

Have a happy weekend!!

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  1. I feel for ya with the struggle to decide! You're totally right that trying to rush can cause problems. I'm guilty of this on a regular basis.

    You can also use no sew iron-on adhesive for things like curtains--this really helps with straight lines! Good luck! :)


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