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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Office Update {or lack thereof}

Welcome to Faith's house of horrors design mistakes 101. Nothing about what I'm about to show you is correct.  In fact, this whole project might be a lesson in futility what NOT to do...but it's a real work-in-progress and something that I'm hoping I can learn from.

 I just threw those pillows on the bed...I don't think any of them are staying...not sure about the daybed either.
I also don't like the wall art arrangement.  It's just just quite right.  I'm not sure what to do w/ it.
Stump #1 & 2

I still like my Target/shower curtain bookcase...but it needs some tweaking. 
Stump #3

 Shelf arrangements.
Stump #4

I love this glass jar.

Art: lace doily, hankie; original watercolor. 
Stump #5

Stump #6

Table - to paint or not to paint, art; lamp.
Stump #7

 Photo from our trip to Venice in 2008.

One of grandma's lovely linens. 

I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on this space if you have any.  Oh yea, and I still haven't decided on the curtains {thanks for all your votes!}. 

I'm in design gridlock.


  1. just an idea, but you could try taking all the smallest pieces and putting them above the bed and computer for two collages, and then saving the largest or boldest pieces for above the lamp and beside the bookshelf (if anything beside the bookshelf)...

  2. i saw on tv where they traced the frame of all the picture frames on brown paper and then used painter's tape to figure out what goes where best. then they put the nail through the marked brown paper spot-markers and ripped it off and the pics were ready to hang. dont know if that will help...

    shelves are SO hard to properly arrange (in my opinion). you'll get there. just may have to live in it for a bit. it'll come.

    i mean, it already looks good... but you'll get it exactly how you want it.

    oh, and what color would you paint the little table? i am not sure what i think about that yet.


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