Living Room Introductions + Office Update

Friday, April 1, 2011

The office is still under construction.  I haven't forgotten...but that baby is taking its sweet time coming together.  {I do have a sneak peak at some items I got this week for the room}
...but before that I want you to meet our Living Room.

Sam wanted in the pic too...but he's bashful.

The fireplace is placed in such a strange spot in the room.  It's caused me quite a bit of consternation over the years.  I'm actually about to completely redo the mantel and wall art.  {I'll post an update when I'm done.}

To flash or not to flash...{goofy dogs}

pretty pillow on ze couch.

lamps on.
{I'm a big lamp girl and rarely use overhead lighting}

Like most of the rooms in my house, this one still needs some work. 
First item on the agenda - a rug.  I've been searching for a long time now but can't find the size, pattern, and price I want in the same piece. 

This storage cabinet needs a lot of work too.  I haven't yet decided how I want it to look so I'm not touching it until I have a clear plan. {I hate how it looks all tchotchke-fied and cluttered.}

another view.

Love the print...not crazy about the backrest but I'm making it work.

ze end.

And just for kicks...
here's a look at some of the patterns/textiles in mi casa
{yes, this is as random as it sounds}.

You might remember our Master Bedroom.

That ikat/navajo quilt is pretty slammin' if you ask me.  Oh and it's 100% silk with a cotton lining on the backside. {I believe in luxurious textures for bedrooms}.

Cheap {and old} cameras take stinky pictures {ahem, husband} but here's a close up of our quilt {navy, cream, gold, purple, and fuchsia} case you forgot. 

I'm still working on finding another quilt/coverlet that's more muted in color and pattern to help break things up a bit.  I know I'll get tired of the bold print if I don't have anything to help give the room some variety and softness.  

I love graphic geometric prints. 

And who could forget Shaggy?  This rug's texture is luscious.  Sometimes, especially after a long day, I'll just walk in this room and lay down on it {yes, the rug}.  Strange?  It's like your favorite blanket + a warm hug. 
I told Dave I want to have a picnic on it one day. 
He laughed.

Speaking of textiles - I made some progress on the office this week.

These pillow cases need a good iron but I love their beautiful, delicate details.  They will probably go on the daybed.   These lovelies were found in those boxes I've been rummaging through from Grandma.  {Everyone say "Thank you Eva!"}

Hard to tell but this linen/cotton comforter from Crate & Barrel is stunning {and was about 60% off too!}.  I cannot wait to get it on the daybed. 

Just call me "crash". 
My family does.
One second I'm just clicking away on my camera and the next I'm cleaning up millions of pieces of shredded paper {and simultaneously trying to keep Nigel from inhaling them.}

I'm always one second away from an accident.

Have a Happy Weekend!!

freckled laundry


  1. I love it! I love your chair next to the fireplace and your dogs are cute! My pup always gets in the way in my photos and projects....thank you for linking up to my link party!

  2. wow i LOVE your house!!!!! can i come over?

    and that crate and barrel duvet is our bedroom set!

  3. so adorable, that house of yours. loooove it all. and i was re-impressed with how awesome your bedroom looks.

  4. I know what you mean about preferring lamps in a room -- I never like to use the "big light" as it's affectionately called in our living room! I'm a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today :)

  5. I love that sweet little blue floral chair, but I can NOT GET PAST that ikat bedspread. I might come take it right off your bed. It is STUNNING!

    Thanks for linking up to the roomspiration party today! :)


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