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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is what happens every time D and I go out to eat:

Me: So what are you hungry for?

D: I don't know...what do you want to eat?

Me: Um, well I don't want greasy, gross fast-food.

D: That's not what I asked.  What DO you want?

Me: I'm not sure...but I don't want anything gross.

D: Ok, well that eliminates everything I want.

Me: So what now?

D: Well, what are you cooking?

Ahhh!!  Anyone else have that problem?  We have plenty of choices (maybe too many) but can't decided on where to eat b/c he wants junk and {although I secretly do too} I'm trying to resist and be "good".  The result: stalemate...followed shortly by a begrudging pull on the refrigerator door {not the most fun on date night}. 

I enjoy cooking and typically do prefer to make my own food, but let's get real, we still eat out occasionally and that's ok.  But when deciding where to go it's like an epic battle of wills: junkie or moderately ok {very few restaurant choices are "good" in my book}.  Sure there are times when I think it's ok to splurge and eat that burger or brownie...but I don't want that to be the rule. 

Part of our problem is that D is blessed with natural athleticism.  He doesn't work out regularly and is still super muscular and toned {not fair}.  He's not opposed to eating well but he also doesn't really care that much about it.  I think is because he looks healthy on the outside {regardless of his eating or physical activity} so it's easy to think it's no big deal.  I, however, inherited the ability to gain a 1lb just by smelling baked goods.  See the problem?

A week or two ago I bought a book called Eat This, Not That {heard of it?}. 

  On our way out to my Daddy's a few weekends ago I read most of this aloud. D was stunned and horrified - most of his favorite foods/restaurants were exposed...and it wasn't pretty.  Take, for example, his favorite chips from Chipotle: 610 calories, 27g fat, and 3.5 g saturated fat.  Ouch!  

I like this book because it rates common restaurants/fast food places and understands that real people eat out.  The object of the book is to give people the information they need {in black and white} to help them make better decisions about their restaurant and/or food choices. It's a great place to begin if you need help making healthy food choices. 

Disclaimer: this book is helpful, but it's not the only place to go for information on what you eat.  But, if you're like my hubby {or me} and need a place to start...this book is a great resource. 

Don't be afraid.  Ignorance really isn't bliss. 

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