Dessert for the Eyes

Friday, April 15, 2011

{because candy's already been done}. 

So have I mentioned how crazy I am about BHLDN {beholden}, the new wedding/accessory store from the brilliant guys at Anthropologie?  c.r.a.z.y.

It's not just for brides ladies
Just look at these delicious treats.

Torsade Peep-Toes
I die.

Liberty D’Orsay
This shoe is so fun and perfect for attending all of those summer weddings you just started getting invites for. {yes, I leave my prepositions hanging...rule-breaker}.

Torsade Peep-Toes
I know...same shoe as the first just a different color...but come on, it's magnificient.
I want one of each.

Brocade d'Orsay Heels
Yes, please. This shoe screams summer.


Daisy Chain Earrings
simple. stunning.

Ruby Drops

Hinted Phlox Necklace
fancy necklace for a hot date. Mmmhmmm...

Green Onyx Droplet Necklace
I love green onyx.
{one of my favorite colors for brunettes [me]...or anyone for that matter.}


Adorned Bolero
gotta love this little bolero. 

Turnabout Lace Coverlet
I'm a lace freak. this is to. die. for.

Just for Fun.
Polka-Dot Crochet Gloves
smokin' gloves. 

Truth be told I think just about everything they have is drop.dead.gorgeous.  I picked this stuff at random b/c it's almost impossible to chose a favorite.  Most of their items are on the pricey side but you can still find some very reasonable {and unique} items...especially if you shop smart.  {I know some people use their credit cards but I have a strict no cc policy for things like this.} We all have budgets we need to stay within.  Buy because you have a need and then plan, save; work to make sure you are able to make splurge-worthy purchases without immediate regret or depleting your resources entirely.  Also, browsing beautiful stores like this can spark your imagination to create {yes you can} or look for similar items at less expensive prices.  I used to be discouraged that so many things I loved were out of my budget, but now one of my favorite things to do is shop for a bargain {I'm not crazy/compulsive though}.  I love the challenge and creativity it takes.  Plus, I often find things I love just as much, if not more than the original inspiration. 

So eat your eye candy up.  You won't gain a pound.


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous...and I'm not a heels person (on my feet all day=flats, please!). So fun and summery! :)

  2. I'm not a heels girl either...but I might be for those beauties (at least for a couple hours).

  3. oh man, the cutest stuff. one day i'll wear fancy stuff day. ha.

    and those pie pops...stop it right now.

  4. wowser, the shoes they have are amazing


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