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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am so ready for the weekend y'all.  Just saying the words "weekend" make my blood pressure go down.  Ah, thank you Jesus for rest! 

Last weekend David and I finished our master bedroom.  {Yes, it is still as glorious as I described...maybe even more so.}  This weekend's project is outside: the flower beds.  Spring is flinging open the curtains of winter and I, for one, can't wait.

Historically I'm not a great landscaper/gardener/plant-nurse.  I want to be though so I continue every year in an effort to learn and grow {haha, no pun intended}.  Here's a list of things I haven't killed: 1) weeds
Yep, that's about it.  Sad.

This year's new plan is to go to our local farmer's market {where they not only sell locally grown produce, meat, and cheese, but they also have a large outdoor nursery}.  I'm going to educate myself on the types of plants they have and ask {normally I'm too shy} what would be best suited to my lifestyle, soil, and needs.  They are going to help me figure it out because they are experts.  I will not just buy what I think is "pretty" because I know that in 2 weeks it will be dead and ugly.  I will not become overwhelmed with choices and leave without purchasing.  I will stay, I will ask, and I will come home and make my flower beds beautiful {and keep them that way}. My name is Faith and I need help. 

Here's my promise: I will come back from the weekend with pictures of what I did {or didn't} do.  Yes, how's that for accountability?! Yikes.

On another note: The Stirring Place has her 1 month birthday on Sunday!  I should probably do something special for her.  Maybe a new outfit?  Who knows...I may be up to my eyeballs in manure and cedar chips.      

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