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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet little girl Faith.  She loves ponies and books and singing and tea parties.  Her daddy tells her wonderful stories at bedtime every night about a little girl just like her in a far-away, magical kingdom.  {She thinks she might like to visit someday}.  She has killed every goldfish she's ever owned {accidentally of course}.  Her favorite dolls, Suzie and Betsy, get tucked in every night.  She doesn't like buns on hamburgers, chunks in soup, squishy-gushy jello, and a vast assortment of other "kid-friendly" foods.  Oh, and she's full of sugar and spice, and everything nice. 

But this story isn't about baby Faith, it's about grown-up Faith...and what she likes to drink.  {Bear with me...}        

When I was growing up my mom never bought sodas.  I don't even remember having anything carbonated in our home...ever.  Oh wait, daddy did like root beer so there was the occasional A&W {don't wanna be a liar here} but truly, this was a rare thing.  I don't remember having sodas as an option anywhere...not at home, school, grandparents, restaurants, etc.  They just weren't around me period.  The extent of beverage choices in my house were limited to milk, {real} juice, or water.  That's it. No punch, no Kool-Aid, no sodas; no nothin'.  And I'm so glad.

By the time I was old enough to care I already hated sodas.  The bubbly, fizzy, burn-as-it-goes down "goodness" didn't even remotely appeal to me.  I remember going to birthday parties when I was a kid and having to ask the parents for water. There were even a few times {a lake-day for example} when nothing but soft drinks were supplied, like it was a treat.  Ha! Not for me.  During those long days I would try and drink a sip or two, but unable to stand it, I'd forgo liquid for the rest of the day (or sometimes, in clear desperation, I'd go to the bathroom and drink out of the faucet...I was little, don't judge). 

I'm so thankful for my lack of desire or interest in soft-drinks.  Water is typically my beverage of choice and I never get tired of it.  Here are my drinks of choice listed by percentage:
water 85%
milk 10%
juice {real, not from concentrate} 2.5%
sweet tea {my Texas treat} 2.5%

Why share this with you?  Well friends, I was watching the Biggest Loser one day and Jillian Michaels {fear/love her} said something like this: "The worst thing you can do is drink your calories.  You want to eat them, not drink them."  Light bulb.  If you're conscious about your weight and/or health {or are trying to become that way}, then you likely think about the amount of calories you need to consume in a day.  Don't waste those calories on drinks. We seldom consider beverages when we think about nutrition.  Most of us just think about what's on a plate and not in a glass.  But we need to consider both!

I'm not suggesting you eliminate Dr. Pepper or Starbucks from your life. I'm only suggesting you think about it.  What are you drinking?  You might be surprised how much unnecessary junk you put into your body on a daily basis through liquids.  So maybe today start a drink journal.  Write down everything you drink during the day...everything...from a sip to a  full-on guzzle.  Then, at the end of the day {or week if you're feeling ambitious} go back and look at what you're drinking.  You'll probably be surprised by what you find and maybe, just maybe, it'll help you begin to make progress towards whatever fitness/health goals you want to achieve.   

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