Spring Make-Over #2: The Office

Saturday, March 5, 2011

For three years my office was my den of inquiry (read: NOT iniquity).  Countless hours of research, reading, and reflection were spent inside these four walls. It was the place I wrote hundreds of pages of graduate papers.  It was where I sprawled out my books and read for hours on end.  It hosted meltdowns, all-nighters, and explosions of academic success.  It was my room.  Still is.

Like many other spaces in my house, this room was pulled together haphazardly.  It never satisfied my design aesthetic but I was in grad school.  Who had time to care?  Now, however, fully degreed and ready to rumble, I'm gonna make this bad boy sing.

Here's the room now.

It's normally pretty 'eh' but since I didn't bother straightening the bed {I was reading on it earlier} or the rug {dogs} and we've already taken down most of the art in the room, it's realllllly blah.  The one thing I like in the room: the richness of this green (it was a little boy's baby-blue when we bought the house).  Everything else isn't working. Like at all. 

I was conflicted for a long time about the direction I wanted to take with the room.  Change the color? Rearrange? Storage? Bedding? Ah!  It needs to function as both a guestroom and office, but since I do quite a bit of work from home I'm way more concerned about functionality than guestroom prettiness. {Plus we have another guest bedroom too}.  

Then I stumbled across this room and nearly fainted. 
Emily from Jones Design Company created this fabulous room.  Aren't you crazy about it?  I especially love her wall treatment.  She hand painted that beautiful design but let me tell you, sister doesn't have the patience or endurance for something that exhaustive {even though it is gorgeous!}. 

Instead, I found a similar stencil at Hobby Lobby.  Now just wait...I know, you hear the word "stencil" and think bad 5th-grade-teacher art, but no, there are so many great stencils out there now.  Stencil doesn't have to be a dirty design word anymore.  {Just like wallpaper...gasp!}

I'm still working out some of the final design details.  I like to really have a clear vision for a room before I get started.  Once I get that complete I'll share my design board with you.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll have another room transformation. 


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