The Piney Woods

Monday, March 28, 2011

My dad and step-mom, grandparents, and great-uncle each own several acres adjacent to one another deep in the piney woods of east Texas.  They live so far in the woods in fact that it took me over 3 years before being able to visit sans tears, frantic phone calls, or rescue missions.  {Sacajawea I'm not.}

It's always a joy to get to be with my family.  My grandparents {you remember them from last week} are precious and since their health doesn't allow them to do things like they once were able, I love being there to help them with projects like working in their garden, cleaning the gutters; hanging shelves.  This weekend was full of little projects like that. 

I wish I had time to share more about my sweet grandparents.  They live in a tiny 2-roomed, approximately 300 sq ft "cottage".  Before they bought the little place it had been used, in room #1, as a beauty shop and, in #2, an insurance business {the men and women's bathrooms were in the "entry".}  We're talking small, no real living room, no real kitchen, no real bathroom, no laundry; no closets.  Part of why my grandma's been giving me such wonderful treasures is because they have no where to put them.  It breaks my heart to see them live their golden years without even being able to eat dinner on a table because there's no room or having to take all of their laundry to my Dad's or great-uncle's because she has no ability to do it in her own home.  Oh and did I mention my grandpa has cancer?  Yea...I'm going to forcibly make myself stop now...I could go on and on about their situation and how desperately I wish I could change it, but I'll have to save it for another time. 

The adjoining family compound acreage makes a sweet visit even sweeter.  I can walk back and forth between Daddy's place and my grandparents.  We eat, laugh, and work together.  The visits are pure joy.  I love my family. 

Here's a little taste of this past weekend...the leisurely parts at least.  :) 

Dogwoods at my Grandparents.

Nigel, Sam, and my Grandparents dog, Kenzie, walking down the back driveway {leaving my Grandparents}

Nigel loves the woods.

My Dad calls his place Blackberry Hill.  When he bought the property several years ago, he discovered that wild blackberries ran across a bulk of the acreage.  {Sweet!} They are in bloom now and I'm already thinking about the kind of goodies I'll make with this year's crop. 

Every year since exposing this berry treasure {haha - get it?} there have been too many blackberries to harvest.  Soooooo, if anyone wants fresh, wild blackberries...well, you just give me a holler.  You can come pick to your heart's content. 

The dogwoods at Daddy's, overlooking his little lake.

Daddy's log house as seen through the trees.

I caught the first fish of the day.  {Hello Mr. Catfish} 

Are you enjoying the wild hair/lumberjack-hippie look as much as I?  Fashionista I am not...but listen it went from 80 degrees to 45 without notice and sister didn't bring her jacket. or socks. or anything with sleeves for that matter.  The result?  Grandpa loaned me his fleece-lined denim jacket {despite the fact that he didn't have anything as warm for himself...precious man}.  It was big, cozy, and warm...that was all that mattered. 

 Grandpa and Daddy with Grandpa's first catch of the day: a perch. 
{I love those men.}

Grandpa, D, and Daddy marveling over another good size catfish.  Daddy just put the lake in last year and they were pretty ecstatic about how well the fish are doing.  {Must be a dude thing.} 

What did you do this weekend?


  1. So sorry about your grandparents. It's so sad to watch the ones we love grow older. It looks like you made some happy memories with your family this weekend. We have blackberries at my in-laws. We pick in early June. I have the best blackberry cobbler recipe. It's from Southern Living--probably 8 yrs old. So good! We had a lazy weekend just taking care of random things. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks so much Michele!! I'd love to see that blackberry cobbler recipe {if you don't mind sharing}. I haven't found one I like yet and that's one of my husband's favorites. Hope your week is wonderful too!!

  3. What a beautiful, tranquil spot. It looks so wonderful and peaceful. Thanks for visiting today. I'm glad to have found you:)


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