Oh My Curtains!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So have I mentioned my strange habit of pseudo cyber-shopping?  Yea, it's weird.  I'll go to Anthro's website, peruse the goodies, add them to my virtual shopping bag....then choke and leave them in the bag indefinitely {no Visa for you!}  I know it's bizarre but sometimes I luck out and find forgotten treasures there. {"You're on sale now?!"}
You should try it.  It's retail-therapy you are likely NOT to get in trouble for. 

I was on just such a virtual trip today when I saw these:

dip-dyed draperies {in 4 color options too}.  These are my favs...although the blue and coral {not pictured} are equally lovely.

My favorite part = the doily-like pom-poms. 
Who doesn't love a good pom-pom?!! 

My least favorite part however = $$$. 
Seriously, I cannot justify spending $168/panel {84 in.} no matter how cute they are.

The cheap girl in me revolts! 
I just can't do it. 
I will instead admire from afar. 

And since we're just dreaming here, I would love to see either of the following sets of treasures in my home.  I'd put them in my reading room overlooking the gardens and the lake OR in the south wing library with an enchanting view of the English garden. Either one. 
I'm not picky. {We said we were dreaming right?}. 

Option #1


{plus} Chair
Those tufts get me everytime.


Option #2

tufts + leather = love forever

{plus} chair


Good thing I won't ever have to make that tough decision. :)

Happy Dreaming!


  1. honeydang those sitting pieces are cute!!!

  2. I've done the same thing *twice* today! Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters, they get me every time.

  3. The cair puts me over the moon. I am a poppy freak. My favorite thing to paint...you can see mine in "my work" section on my blog. LOVE!!!

  4. Hi just found you via Miss Mustard Seed love the gorgeous chairs. Im just about to upholster a chair for the first time ever very nervous Id love your opinion you clearly have a great eye for it I have a post on my page with some ideas if you have time to bloghop over & take a look & tell me what you think

  5. Oh my, the curtains are amaziiiiiiiing! I am hoping to redecorate this summer and think a diy version will be on the cards. Awesome choices.

  6. I also found you at MMS. Ooooh, that last chair is making me drool

  7. The chair.. the chair... ( said in my best Tatoo accent,ala fantasy Island!)


  8. I just found you via MMS also! Drooling over the floral chair too. In fact, I just went to Anthro on my lunch break and they had that chair! It's even better in person. Oh la la!


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