Office Update #3

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's taking me forever to finish this room.  My project manager should be fired for her miserable lack of time management and follow-through.  For shame.    

 I didn't let her hold me up though.  I was busy this week.  This project?  The bulletin board {or, in non-8th grad speak... "message board" - yes, I am cool.} I found this picture from House Beautiful and wanted to create a similar look for my bulletin message board.
Lovely, no?

I'd hoped to find an old frame with some kind of ornate detail at the top...or at least a piece that I could install on top of a typical frame, but sadly I found neither.  I was at Hobby Lobby last week though and they were having a 50% off sale on their backless frames.   I scoured the aisles and found this one that I thought could really work. 

It's about 2.5 feet wide by 3.5 feet tall.  The perfect size...but not the finish.  My remedy?  Cheap acryllic paint {which I already had at home}. 

I picked this seafoam green as my main/base color and then added some hints of other colors to my sponge brush to give it some depth.

2 coats later I was done. 

The next step, however, was to build the cork inset.
I used a roll of cork, heavy cardboard, and the remaining scrap of shower curtain from the bookcase for this part. {reduse, reuse, recycle}

I cut a piece of cork larger than the open area of the frame but smaller than the outer edges.  I then traced this outline on a piece of heavy-duty cardboard and cut it out. {please ignore the skinny, white rabbit foot in the corner}

Then I mod podged the cork to the cardboard and secured it with staples around the edges. 

Once dry, I stapled my shower curtain fabric to the front of the cork and then attached the whole unit {cardboard + cork + shower curtain} to the frame with a heavy-duty stapler {actually those are husband's sausage fingers...I already broke one of his tools this week...he wasn't giving me this one}.

The finished bulletin board. 

Here it is in the room.  Things are still a bit in shambles...but you get the idea.   

 Clearly there is still MUCH work to be done.
I am playing around with different placements for the large art pieces.  Who knows if they'll stay this way.  

How's this for transparency?  You get to see my the piles of papers on my desk, the overflowing recycling bin, cords slithering all over the place; one-dimensional art. {Don't judge me.}

This final picture was included to prove the insufficiency {it's-6-years-old-and-dying} of our current picture-taking apparatus to one doubting Thomas commonly referred to as David. 

Cost breakdown: frame $25{orig. $50}, paint $0 {already had it}, shower curtain $30 {used twice in the room so's going a long really it's more like $15}, cork $5; cardboard $0 {scrap from the dealership where D works}

Happy Saturday!!


  1. You are just to crafty my friend! I love it! The color of the frame and the pattern of the fabric really compliment each other.

  2. this looks great! love the fabric. and i already love the conglomeration of wall art! good job, little lady!

  3. Love watching the creative process. Great inspiration.


  4. i like it. i like the BULLETIN board :). i like the lady picture. i like your blog. i like you.

  5. Such a lovely bulliten board!! I always love it when something is beautiful and practical at the same time!

  6. What a lovely bulletin board! Thanks for linking up!


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