Office Update #2

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This weekend was disappointing.  The beautiful stencil wall-treatment I'd planned for the office was a perfect failure.  I didn't have the time to leave the office in shambles for days {it had to be functional Monday} so I was forced to make some serious design desicions quickly.  Now the room is lost and looking for a vision.

Here's a peak at the progress {or lack thereof}:

And that's all your getting.  I'm too ashamed to let you see the rest of it {not that there's anything to show}. 

Obviously I've been forced to change directions in the room.  Sadly, giving up the room of my dreams {remember Emily's gorgeous office at Jones Design Company?} for this terrible white space.  le sigh

I think I may have figured out what to do with the space least in part.  I'll save that post for later this week though, but for now I wanted to show you what unexpected treasures I found this weekend. {See, it wasn't a total bust.}

Austria, 1870
That's all I'm saying for now...stay tuned

  footstool, old
I don't know anything cool about this piece

Both of these beauties found there way into my heart and home this weekend {unexpectedly I might add}.   

I'll share more about them soon so keep a lookout.

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