From Austria with Love

Thursday, March 17, 2011

While shopping for office furniture this weekend I happened upon a beautiful antique dining table.  I loved it at first sight {and even moreso when I saw it was in the clearance section} but David wasn't so sure.  We were there for office pieces and this was most certainly not an office piece.  Normally I'd agree to pass it up {I'm not an impulse buyer} but since we'd sold our kitchen table on Craigslist a few weeks ago and had moved our dining table into the kitchen, we had an empty dining room...the table was calling us me.

I was even more drawn to this beauty when I found out it was a solid mahogany table from Austria built in the 1870's.  Shut. Up.  It didn't take much convincing D after that and off she went to her new home.

Here's what she looked like when we got her into the garage.   

The Before:

She was worn, scuffed up, dusty, and pretty thirsty let me tell you.  But her solid mahogany, 1870 Austrian charm just begged to be revealed.  I initially thought we'd have to refinish her but the guy we store we bought her from recommended a great product {see below}. 

Here's the process:

This stuff *seller recommended* is amazing.  Buy it.


elbow grease and lots of love {following directions helps too}.
Do you see her beauty already shining through?

 gasp. The more I wipe the more I love!


 revitalized 1870's charm. 

I'm totally smitten.  We've restored her natural charm without taking away from her character.  I love that she's old, I dont want to hide it. 

She's now happily seated in our dining room.  Unfortunately the chairs that went with her were already sold.  Our next task {which I'm afraid is a big one} will be to find chairs that she will get along with nicely.  For the time being, however, I moved two of our kitchen table chairs into the dining room so D and I can eat on her. 
She's the only woman I know that likes being used. 

I'll post an update on her in her new home once we A.) finish the office and B.) find chairs.  It might be a while. 

Thank you God for mahogany, Austria, and antiques. 


  1. Amazing! In the first pic, it almost looked like it was painted red, but by the time you were done, you could see that gorgeous wood grain shining through. That is a beautiful piece!

  2. What a gorgeous table! And that restore stuff seems to work wonders...I'll have to try it some time!


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