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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspiration: Over the weekend I had some time to compile some inspiration and ideas for the office transformation.  As I mentioned before my initial inspiration {love} was this space from Jones Design Company. 
It's amazing.  Love, love.

Here's my initial inspiration picture along with the other ideas that sparked from it for the room.

I'm lazy today so forgive the lack of explanation.  Maybe I'll have time later but since most of this is just inspiration anyway and not an exact replica of what I'll be bringing into the room I figured why bother.  Think of it like smelling dinner before you see it. {Hmm, not sure if that analogy works or not...}  You get the idea though.

Color: I'm going to be sticking with something fairly similar to what Emily did in her room.  Finding the right color can be tricky though and since I was determined not to limit my choices {her color is only sold in the Pacific Northwest} I came home with 30 paint swatches.  Fun. 
Here are my top 8.

When choosing colors I usually hang the swatches on the same wall (with a white background if possible) and look at them under 3 types of lighting: natural, lamp, and overhead.  These can dramatically alter a paint color so make sure you check them all out in the space. You don't want to be doing any repainting later.  Muy importante! 

The top two.

They were very similar but in the end I decided to go with...
Lambswool by Valspar
{and probably MS Rainwater for an accent...we'll see}

I have big plans to get started on the paint this weekend. 
I can't wait to go to sleep start working on the room!!

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