Friday, March 11, 2011

I've been resisting this post for a while.  I don't like being looked at...sounds weird...but seriously, don't look at me.  I could bore you with self-psychoanalysis but {since neither one of us should be put through that pain} let's just say that I prefer being behind the scenes rather than on stage. Mmmmkay?

Today, however, I'm letting you look at me {through a blurry camera lens}.  Why? Well, 1) because so many of my fellow bloggers are posting daily outfit logs which got my thinking about my own, 2) I love fashion {but wearable stuff, not super crazy/avant garde}; 3) I'm attempting to drown the social phobia least for a day...maybe. 

I'm trying new things here people.  I'm pushing myself to do things that I would NEVER EVVVVERRRR want to on my own.  It's an experiment.   

I had one client yesterday and then did some work from home after I left the office.  It was a pretty casual day...not something I'd consider blog-worthy at all...but it's me.  Here's what all the anxiety is about.

blurry #1

blurry #2

I figured out that I needed to close the blinds girl.

And since you couldn't see what I'm wearing clearly in the pics, I dug everything out of the hamper and laid it out for you.  {I spoil you guys too much.  Really.} 

Outfit: dark denim jeans - gap
brown leather shoes - jessica simpson {I know, but they're cute}
brown boyfriend T: target {I own one of these bad boys in almost every color}
fuchsia cardigan: bff closet raid {she got it from express though}
necklace: Francesca's

I'm really not a big jewelry person but I think this little necklace is pretty special.  The deep emerald color adds a subtle but unique punch to an otherwise plain-jane outfit.   

What are you wearing? 


  1. So cute! I love the brown + fuschia with a fun little pop of emerald. {*Applauding you for trying something new!*}

  2. i'm glad you branched out! isn't it awkward?! you look gorgeous :)


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