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Monday, March 7, 2011

Soooo I told you I'd be back with pictures and here I am. 

I should be honest though...  I probably only hit about 50% of what I originally committed to.  I was super motivated and ready to go on Saturday.  In fact, I was so committed that I forgot to take "before" pictures until I was about 1/4 of the way through cleaning up the beds {see, I learned that you need to clean out the old beds before you put new stuff in...lesson #1}.  So here's "oops I have been working for an hour and need to take pictures" picture.


It's ok guys. You can say it.  Bad. {oh and did you notice my first try at editing with words and arrows?  I couldn't figure out how to edit my edits there they are, gleaming errors and all.  But I got too tired for the last one.} 

And here is the almost-after.  What this means is..... I cleaned the beds.  That's it.  No new flowers. No mulch. No fertilizer. No prettiness. I have excuses but I know you don't wanna hear them.  {I never made it to the farmer's market, plus it got pretty chilly this weekend all the sudden}. I'm making progress though.  That's what counts.  

Ummmm....ok...well it seems like all computers hate me today.  I can't upload the new pics for some strange, "only computers know" reason.  {Yes, I promise I have them}.  I'll try again tomorrow. Tonight I'm just too tired to care. 

Dinner time. 

PS - Tomorrow the birthday girl is turning one-month old.  {Just in case you forgot.}   

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