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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My beautiful accent quilt still isn't here and I'm growing rather impatient.     What can Brown do for me?  Well, you can bring me my package today sir, if you please. 

Remember how I told you of my affection for all-white linens?  Well, tis still true but I also like some color and pattern thrown in for good measure.  Additionally, I share a house with a man whose internal thermometer is always bumped up a good 20 degrees higher than mine.  While I would be perfectly warm and content with my plush, billowy down duvet year-round, hubby would die, literally, from heat stroke.

The solution?  A quilt!  {No, not like those hideous ones you've seen at  bad B&B's.}  Finding the right quilt can be challenging, but it is not impossible and is well worth the effort.  I chose a quilt for several reasons:  1) It's warm enough for me but light enough for hubs during spring/summer, 2) I severely dislike regular comforters {aka polyester knapsacks};  3) Quilts can serve multiple purposes. For example, our quilt(s) will be our main blanket during the warmer months, but during cooler months when my down nest returns, it can be a throw, a picnic blanket {cuz you can have picnic's in fall & winter here in TX}, or I can use it to change up one of the guest bedrooms.     Quilts are grand.

Here's mine:  

I love ikat patterns.  Seriously, they are so beautiful.  Some remind me of smeared watercolors while others of graphic Native American prints.  I love the eccelctic mix.  This particular ikat pattern is bold.  Honestly it's a LOT more pattern than I usually prefer.  [And it has red in least favorite color ever.]  But there's something about this that I just couldn't get over.  I think it's a lovely mix of masculine and feminine.  It'll be a great accent piece; a zip of unexpected in an otherwise neutral palatte.  I've also decided on getting a second quilt [still hunting for that piece though.]  This quilt is going to be a bit more muted so when I want to change things up, I have an inexpensive solution on-hand.  You can never have too many quilts {or pillows for that matter}.     

Here's hoping I come home to quilt #1 today.  I am really itching to finish this project and show it to you.  Well, I lie...  Mainly I'm just excited to finish my room and live in it.  Selfish me.   

Quilt: Anthropologie

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  1. I drool over Anthro quilts. And yours is definately worth a jaw drop. Can't wait to see the done deal. Hope you're feeling better! xoxo.


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