Make-Over Weekend: The Before

Friday, February 18, 2011

Meet my bedroom.  It's calm, quiet, and serene.  I like it but it's not quite right. 
When we moved in to our first home 4 years ago I had grand plans....but that was all, just plans.  I was a graduate student who had neither the time nor the dough to bring those plans to fruition. 

Until now.

This weekend is big, friends.  Next to replacing our floors, this weekend's project has been atop my list of to-do's for quite sometime.  Those floors are coming though {oh if only it were THAT weekend...soon, soon} 

Remember this?
My poor, sad little room {but check out those great nightstands}
Things I like:
1. The headboard.  I love tufted everything and spotted this little beauty about 4 years ago on  Love it!
2. The nightstands
3. White bedding.  I love accent pillows full of pattern and/or color or maybe even a great throw or quilt that's all jazzed up...but please, oh please give me white linens.  Classic, simple, [easy to clean dog slobber off]; perfect.
4.  Lamps.  These beautiful pieces are perfect for this space and where I'm going with it.  I got them for $29.99 each at Home Goods. 

I suppose I should also disclose that I painted this room when we first moved in.  It used to be a dirty green color.  Icky.  I chose this soft blue instead.  I actually still like it a lot, but I want a change, so change we shall.   

* Please ignore the humidifier...I was sick*
A little info about these pieces:
Sofa - I LOVE my this sofa.  It's a family heirloom that I hope to whip into shape [i.e., new upholstery/not touching the beautiful antique wood].  This piece (and the side table) were new house gifts from my Grandma Skinner.  Both pieces were her aunt's (for whom she was also named after...Eva).  They have a lot of sentimental value and they are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.  I love me some antique furniture.

Art - The two large pieces of creepy women in a field were my Nana's (mom's mom).  She passed away when I was in 6th grade but I still have a lot of her belongings (including a gorgeous antique bureau in this room *not pictured*).  These large pieces are originals from a well-known artist in the 60's.  I'm gonna do some reframing but I actually like them otherwise.  Call me sentimental.   

See?  Told you I was sick.
And yes, that archaic device you see if what's commonly known as a Blackberry.  Not enticed by practicality, ease, or trend am I!  Oh no, I want slow and unreliable.  Yes indeedy...

So back to my room.  Here's what we're doing:
  • new paint
  • new curtains
  • new bedding
  • new art
  • new rug
Now before I show you the color I selected for our room I want you to keep two things in mind: 1) virtual paint colors always look a little warped  and 2) I love gray.  [It's my favorite color.] 

The bedroom color is now a soft blue. 

The new color? 
gray with [teeny, tiny] hints of blue {Martha Stewart Winter's Day}.

Yep, I'm going for a big change here folks...ok, but really I am.  It may seem subtle...but just you wait.

See you Monday with all the gory details!

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