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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am not an athlete.  I have never enjoyed working out [well, with the exception of high school drill team...that counts right?]

About a year ago, however, I decided it was time to begin some regimen of consistent physical discipline.  I really had no idea what that would look like and knew from past experience that setting overly aggressive goals was the quickest way to ensure I'd never follow through.   It wasn't pretty at first let me tell you.   I was clueless {you can read more about that fun journey here.}

Long story short, I've finally found what works for me. (Hip-Hip-Hooray!)  My body has and is continuing to undergo changes.  Along the way, however, I've constantly felt the need for support, tips, and encouragement.  I didn't know where to look though.  I knew I didn't want to read about how hard-core athletes train or what celebrities eat.  I wanted to know about real people who eat real food and live real lives in real bodies...which is why I think what I'm about to share with you is so great.  {Three cheers for blog love.}

When I was finishing up my last year of graduate school I did my practicum at a wonderful counseling center where I met Katy.  She was about the begin the counseling program I was finishing up and worked there in the office.  Since we were so close in age and had similar interests I always looked forward to chatting w/ her {and noticing her cute outfits *inspiration*}. 

Katy has a fantastic blog...check it out here...and she also began her fitness journey about a year ago.  Her blog is full of great stuff -  fashion tips, beauty advice; hysterical stories, but what I love most are her work-out tips.  Seriously, they're amazing and have been sooooooooo helpful to me.

One of my favorite tips was about post-workout food.  For the longest time I just thought working out would be enough and since I didn't think I ate terribly I didn't make any changes to my nutrition.  Example A: I didn't eat anything post-workout...ever...until one day I happened to be browsing through Target and saw a whole aisle dedicated to this type of nutrition. [Think protein bars, shakes, powder, etc.]  Should I be eating these things?  What if they taste bad?  Wowzers!  That one has a lot of calories.  I was stumped.  Shortly after my conundrum in Target however, Katy posted this great tip about after workout protein [apparently that's pretty important] - drink a glass of skim milk!  Genius!!!  (Read the whole post here.  )  Another fav?  Her HIIT workout plan. David and I did phase two at our place during Snowmaggedon.  It was killer!!!  But sooooo good.  (Check it out.)

OH...and in case you were wondering what "burpees" or "mountain-climbers" are *I did*, here are some helpful videos:



So if you're looking for some motivation to get started or you need some encouragement along the way check her out. 
Go. Now.


  1. Hi Faith! Thanks for visiting my blog! To answer your question about Castile Soap (an organic olive oil based soap)can be found in a number of places. Target sells Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap (the most popular brand of it): Or you can go to Dr. Bronner's website here directly: I hope that helps! I wouldn't be surprised if you found it in other places as its becoming more popular!

  2. oh my goodness gracious! what a post! i'm so happy! i'm so glad my posts have been are doing soooo great! and i'm pretty excited you did burpies :):) thanks for the sweet post.


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