The Final, Final Reveal...I Promise

Sunday, February 27, 2011

So remember when I told you I'd picked the perfect paint color and then revealed a "finished" room that wasn't painted at all?  Shame on my laziness and impatience.  It got me in the end.

It was just hours post-completion when I realized I couldn't do it.  The room had to be painted.  That perfect gray was lingering in my thoughts and I knew it wouldn't go away.  David was working yesterday so I text him to see if he'd agree {it was a long shot but I knew I had to try.}  It went a little something like this:

Me: "Soooooooooo...I think we really need to paint in here.  The blue isn't working for me and all I can think about is that perfect gray.  Project day tomorrow?" Smiley face
D: Straight-face smiley
Me: "What is that? A 'whew' face?"
D: Another straight-face smiley
Me: "Can you use your words please?"

Husband wasn't too excited but {thankfully} he agreed to go along with the plan and {due to an unexpected change of plans} we even decided to start that evening. 
It was around midnight when we finished bringing in the last piece of furniture into our newly painted, beautifully gray-walled room.  It's glorious. I am completely enamored. 

Here's the blue before:

Here's the gray after:
Ok, you might not think it's that big of a change...and perhaps on camera it may not come across as that spectacular...but, oh it is. it is. it is. IT IS!  The gray is much more rich and more sophisticated than the soft blue.  It also heightens the contrast in the room and packs a powerful visual impact.  The gray is stunning.  Truly.  

Please ignore Chick-fil-A cup and sleeping Nigel.  

 The girls got their new black frames.
*Yes, I will get to Grandma's couch eventually...poor thing.*

Bothered by the lack of LCD or Plasma?  I'm not. 
I have a strict "no-TV-in-the-bedroom" policy. 

This is probably the most accurate photo in regards to the actual color of the room. Due to a number of things {namely, 1) a cheap camera and 2) zero photography skills} the color doesn't read correctly in most of these photos.   It looks almost blue, but make no mistake, it's not.  It's this great charcoal that changes in the light (it will go from a light dove gray to this deeper smokey color depending on the light outside.)  Thank you for the perfect gray Martha Stewart['s team of highly paid but grossly neglected designers & stylists].    

lamps off...I really need to educate myself a bit more on the who photo-editing thing.  

I wish the camera did the room justice.  It's a beautiful, relaxing, and tranquil space...but it's not boring.  It has so many wonderful textures and variations in color, dimension, and style.  It's whimsical and classic, luxurious and approachable; modern and's the absolute perfect room for us.  Even David agrees.  He LOVES it and said having a room this amazing was worth all the hard-work last night.  That's success folks.  

Happy, happy room.  Happy, happy me.

Now, for a nap. 


  1. Faithie: I love it!! I love the wall color, the bedding, the art, the pillows on grandma's couch. It looks awesome! Great Job. And HOW FUN that I got to watch it on your blog! I love that. Please document everything you do from now on :). Love you!

  2. Your room is *very lovely* are the words that come to mind. It has such a relaxing feel to it. Great job!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  3. Love your room makeover! I really like the colors you chose for your walls. I'd really appreciate if you could link this up for my link party...starts tomorrow and runs till Monday.

  4. Wow I love this room!! You did an awesome job of mixing colors and textures. I have a problem with being too matchy-matchy. Where did you get your bedspread? I LOVE it.

  5. Thanks so much! I got the bedspread at Anthropologie. It was on clearance (otherwise, um, no) and I had a leftover giftcard from my birthday.

  6. Well you know I love a nice grey in a bedroom! LOVE! And hello!? I'm completely gushing over your bedding... it's gorgeous!!! And paired with those pillows - brilliant. I'm SO glad you joined Roomspiration today!!

  7. I love the grey. We just painted our living room a medium cool grey and our kitchen/dining a light white/grey. Completely Sophisticated without being stuffy. I love your room AND your "No TV in the Bedroom" Policy. The Same policy is in effect in my house! ;-)

  8. I LOVE the wall color! Also love the bench at the end of the bed and the couch. Very classy! Have a great week! xo, Reannah


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