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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm a girl who loves a deal.  I want quality products at affordable prices and I don't mind waiting.  Today I'm gonna share some of my top shopping secrets.  I can't give it all away you understand, but here are my favorite bargain-buying tips:

  • Look for unique (but wearable) key pieces; NOT wardrobe essentials. Don't pay $68 for a white t-shirt from J.Crew when you can get the same thing at Target.  Instead, look for lovely dresses, jackets, skirts, jewelry, pants, etc. that spice up your regular, plain (but good and necessary) essentials.  Like all girls, I want beautiful, unique items in my closet, but I don't want to spend $300 on one piece just to have it.  (I think this is the small-town girl in me. Just can't bring myself to pay that much, no matter how much money I can spend.)
  • Don't just look for ANY great piece because it's fun and you like shopping, have one or two specifically in mind when you're on the hunt.  Sooooo for example, if your favorite go-to dress just won't let go of that punch stain from Christmas party numero tres...well, then it's time to look for a new one.  Or if you only wear black pants and are thinking you might take the plunge to *gasp* grey or khaki, well friends, it's time to shop.  This is wise for many reasons: 1) your bank account and 2) your sanity.  It's easy to become obsessed with and overly indulgent in the buying process.  Resist the compulsion.  Most of us don't need a whole wardrobe at one time anyway.  We're either replacing old & tired pieces or we're buying a new trend/style that we love.  Do not let the shopping troll beat you over the head and drag you into its cave!  Have a plan and stick to it!!!
  • For really special items - get creative.  There is a store that I love.  It's a magical wonderland of cloth treasures....buuuuuut it's also sticker-shock expensive.  What a conundrum.  Past experience reminded me how poorly I've managed sale-timing and when I did happen to make one they were often out of my size, color, or the item altogether.  This was indeed disappointing so I decided to get bizarre/creepy creative. I now: 1) follow them on twitter and facebook (heads up to lots of sales, events, new stuff, etc.) and 2) I check their website 2-3 times a week.  Now, keep in mind that this isn't just browsing for fun...this is "Mission: Must-Have".  I know what I'm after (a great dress for example) and I'm out to get it.  I stay on top of the website until I spot it and then I pounce!  I quickly add the item(s) to my shopping cart, BUT I don't purchase.  I just keep it there until it's Sale Time *notified by Twitter, FB, or my casual perusing*.  {Now maybe there is a better way of doing things (I'm sure there might be) but for this store and I...well, let's just say we've come to an agreement.  It's what we do...and it works}.      

                                   Here are two examples of bargain purchases I've made recently.

                                    The first are these great black suede ballet flats from Cole Haan.

 I found these at my favorite upscale resale store here in Dallas.
Orig: $158
My price: $20

Then there's this gorgeous linen jacket

I have been salivating over this Anthropologie jacket for months.  I kept waiting for it to go on sale...and then one day *poof* there it was.
Original: $138
My price: $38 

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