A car wreck and some cookies

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday night was, er, eventful.
David called me on his way home from work and was talking when I suddenly heard screeching tires, expletives, and the unmistakable crunch of metal. The phone hit the ground; then...silence. I was terrified. It seemed to go on forever.  He started groaning and then said, "I was just in an accident. Car is totaled. I need you to come get me."

Good news: Multiple cars were involved but there were NO injuries. D was sore and had a headache but otherwise fine. Pretty miraculous.
Bad news: His car (my old car) is totaled. As in, top of the engine sheered off (plus more...obviously.)
Good news: Car is replaceable.

This car got me through college, grad-school, and beyond. It had 210K miles and although no beauty, was a terrific (read: paid for!) commuter car. I was sad to see her lifted on that tow truck.
Goodbye old friend.

Car wreck = frantic Faith = need to bake.
Actually, that's not true. I baked these earlier on Monday, but you better believe I "treated" myself to 1 (or 3) when we made it home.
Stress kills. Cookies save.
True story.

Grandma's no-fail Snickerdoodles.
I think I take after my Grandma btw. Every time we visit she bakes up some delicious cake or pastry as a welcome.
Baking is her joy. It's mine too.


Confession: These pictures made me hungry. I'm now chewing one of these as I type.


Oh, if you want the recipe here you go.

Now I have to stop eating and get back to work...researching vehicles.
Fun fun.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So sorry about your totaled vehicle, but I'm glad no one was hurt. I don't blame you for eating 3 cookies.

  2. Oh my gosh Faith....I'm so glad David's okay!! How scary. :( I love snickerdoodles, and these pictures made me hungry, too, but I don't have a nearby supply...can I come get some from you? ;)

  3. Oh my. I'm glad he's okay!!! Eat more cookies!!!

  4. Wow, so glad he's okay! And you're right, cars are replaceable. But it can still be sad to watch an old "friend" get carted away by a tow truck. I'll eat some cookies for you today too :)

  5. Wow I'm glad he's ok!
    Snickerdoodles are the best. Especially with milk!
    I passed a blog award along to you today if you wanna hop over take a look :)

  6. Oh my, your car looks pretty messed up! Glad to hear everybody was okay. I am sorry about your car being totalled and all, but I am sure you will find a new one pretty soon. By the way, those cookies look very yummy. Home-baked cookies are the best!

    Leisa Dreps

  7. Scary!! Glad everyone is ok. Those cookies look AMAZING!!


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