THE *Not-Entirely-Done-But-Close-Enough* REVEAL

Friday, February 25, 2011

Guess who got her quilt in yesterdayyyyyyy?!!!  I was able to finalize my plans last night so as soon as I got off work today I ran around like a busy, busy little bee.  I couldn't wait to get our room D.O.N.E.  And since hubby is working late tonight {and I'm not exactly known for patience anyway}, I decided to finish the room without man muscles.  I'm so excited it's finished!  Now I need a month to recuperate. 

Let's all take a walk back to 2008.   

Not horrible but certainly not a reflection of my taste or style.  Plus those red pillows have got to go. I like the print but I really, reeeeally dislike the color.

The above stayed with us until I could stomach it no longer. Then the room slipped into a coma.  
{but you should have seen it before those gorgeous nightstands spiced things up...tragic}

Well, tis sad no more friends.  Our room is finally done...or at least it's close enough that I don't mind showing you. 

     new stuff - quilt: Anthropologie, rug: Garden Ridge, pillows: Garden Ridge, art: Me (inspiration: David Bromstad); lamps: Home Goods
Oh and I guess the nightstands are new-ish too: Craigslist, (inspiration: Southern Living/Knack Studios) 
not new stuff - curtains: I kept what I had because I couldn't find anything that worked.

I was inspired by David Bromstad for these paintings.  I wanted something abstract with lots of movement and loved his idea of using acryllic paint and a spray bottle.  These pieces were so simple and took me under an hour to finish.

I am head-over heels about this shag rug.  I wanted something with muted color but lots of texture and this fluffy, unbelievably soft rug was just the right choice {and at $150 it's hard to beat on price too}.   
Sam and Nig think it's grand.

Funny-story time: It's a wonder this thing even made it in the room. The monster { all 7x9 feet of it} and I almost came to blows.  It was challenge enough getting her majesty into and out of my car single-handedly, but I when trying to place it in the room I had to seriously woman-up.  I spent 20 long, sweaty minutes trying to simultaneously lift up the bedframe AND slide this beast under the bed posts.  one. side. at. a. time.  Oh, and I was so busy working harder {not smarter} that I forgot about the center post.  Awesome.  It was then I realized that in order to get the rug underneath ALL bed posts and placed properly, I had to remove both the mattress and box spring. Fun times.  

Grandma's couch still needs a little love. *to-do*

Those creepy-lady frames are getting a new coat of black paint this weekend too.

yellow pillows: Home Goods, white lacey pillows: Garden Ridge

 This gorgeous hunk of natural fibers is 100% silk on the top and 100%cotton on the reverse.  A perfect marriage of luxury and practicality. 

Love me some Ikat!

pillows for Gma's couch: Home Goods & Garden Ridge

Creepy/beautiful heirloom art from my Nana.
My inspiration for the room.
*gonna paint those frames this weekend...did I say that already?*

This bureau is also an antique piece from my Nana.  I love furniture with history and charm.  This one delivers on both.  It's a forever piece. 

 vintage French and American stamps: purchased at a north Georgia antique store, postcard circa 1901: purchased in Llangollen, Wales (antiquing again)

More 1905 postcards from my favorite Welsh antique shop.

 1810 copper plate engraving: purchased in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Online print (copyright expired don't worry)

If I were a single gal I don't know that my bedroom would look like this.  But since I'm not and because I want to design spaces for both of us to enjoy and feel comfortable in, I'd say this project was a success.

Jolly Good.


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  1. I love your bedroom! The new quilt is so pretty and your pillows are just what I've been looking for. In the past, I haven't had as much luck as you at Home Goods. There's a huge one near where I live, but it seems picked over. Thanks for the tour. You have a knack for decorating! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following :)


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